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It Will Take Time for Tesla Models to Cover the High-precision Positioning System

Musk sought cutting-edge forces in manufacturing from the public and called on these machinists to help Tesla to achieve the goal of an annual output of 1 million all electric vehicles by 2020. At the same time, Google, apple, Ford, general motors and Toyota are all striving for the same potential employees. Young mechanics will try their best to seize the opportunity to enter Tesla. Recruiting senior mechanics from traditional automobile manufacturers can also speed up this process, but the key obstacle is the high cost of living in Silicon Valley. Tesla has always been known for challenging the limits of design and technology, but it also stumbles on manufacturing issues. Compared with Tesla, which burns money, traditional automobile manufacturers have more human and financial resources.

It Will Take Time for Tesla Models to Cover the High-precision Positioning System 1

Tesla Model s has a serious accident: Flying 25 meters

Recently, a Tesla Model s encountered a serious traffic accident in Germany. When the car turned a corner, it lost control and flew out of control for 25 meters. The body rolled over for at least a week after the impact, and the front of the car was seriously damaged. Fortunately, the five passengers on the car were OK. Coincidentally, in April this year, also in Germany, a Tesla Model s crashed on the highway from Abensberg to siegburg and hit the guardrail. Fortunately, the driver was only slightly injured and his life was not in danger. It has to be said that Tesla's safety is commendable. Musk previously commented on the design of the car's impact buffer: "it's like jumping into a swimming pool from a high platform - you'll hope it's deep enough and won't hit the rock".

High precision positioning system for automatic driving

Southwest Research Institute demonstrated Ranger high-precision positioning system solution. Ranger is a patented vehicle positioning technology. It provides highly accurate navigation information for autopilot vehicles through commercialized hardware devices and specially designed algorithm of Southwest Research Institute. The suit is applied to the field of automatic driving system, valet parking service, freight distribution, bus or heavy truck docking. Ranger high-precision positioning system has smaller size, faster operation, more stable operation and lower cost. It uses the overhead camera and positioning algorithm to provide accurate position and direction measurement data. It can collect the special texture features of the road surface and compare them with the surface feature database, so as to match the position with the stored map.

It Will Take Time for Tesla Models to Cover the High-precision Positioning System 2

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