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Keep your "eyes" open! Simple operation to remove fog from car lights

As winter comes, the reporter learned from some 4S stores that some car owners went to the 4S store for repairs because their car lights were fogged. This happened to most new cars, so many car owners began to question the quality of the car lights. In this regard, the reporter specifically interviewed automotive technicians to listen to their opinions and suggestions.

Changes in temperature difference cause fog to enter the car lights. It is understood that there is a plastic ventilation channel on the back cover of the headlights. The thermally expanded gas is discharged through this channel. Sometimes some moisture enters the vent hole, causing slight fogging. This kind of fog caused by temperature difference changes often occurs in winter, rainy season or foggy days.

In order to pursue better lighting effects, most of today's automobile headlights adopt lens type. This kind of light light is more concentrated. However, only a small area of ​​the headlight mirror is heated, and the moisture mainly accumulates on the mirror outside the lighting area, so it is relatively Easy to spot. Car owners should not panic if fog enters the lights. Under normal circumstances, it will not affect the normal use of the lights, and there is no need to replace the lights.

Keep your eyes open! Simple operation to remove fog from car lights 1

Improper car washing or wading can easily cause fog to enter. In addition to the temperature difference, fog in car lights is more often caused by car owners wading in water or improperly washing the car.

When cleaning the interior of the car, wipe it with a towel or blow the engine with compressed air, rather than flushing it directly with a high-pressure water gun. If car owners often use high-pressure water guns to wash car lights or the interior of the car, it is easy for water droplets to flow into the air vents, and water mist is likely to appear inside the car lights. In addition, frequent wading in deep water can also easily cause fogging in car lights. For example, self-driving enthusiasts like to drive through deep water, or car owners have to let their cars wade in heavy rain. Normally, once the water is deeper than the wheels, it will enter the lights through the vents. Especially on heavy rainy days, it is most likely to cause water to enter the headlights, and the brightness of the headlights will also be affected after water enters. If a lot of water enters, the headlights may be damaged. Therefore, car owners are reminded to check their car lights after driving on rainy days. If they find that there is too much fog in the car lights and this happens frequently, they should go to a repair shop for repairs in time.

Simple operation to remove fog from the lamp. Generally, if the car owner encounters fog in the lamp, he should first analyze the cause of the fog. If it is caused by temperature difference or moisture, such as using the lamp for too long, after returning home from work I turned off the lights immediately and found fog in the headlights the next morning. As long as the car owner turns on the headlights and high beams, the water mist in the car lights will begin to slowly disappear after 10 to 20 minutes. However, car owners should remember that it is best not to bake car lights at high temperatures, because the material of car lights is generally made of plastic. If the baking temperature is too high, it is likely to cause the appearance of the car lights to soften and deform. In addition, Zhao Hui said that today's car lights are generally one-piece. Behind the transparent lampshade, there is also a backing plate to protect the lamp body. High-temperature baking will also cause the adhesive glue between the two to melt. , increasing the possibility of water entering the car lights. Generally speaking, the moisture in the car lights will evaporate and disappear quickly under normal use of the lights or sunlight. If your car lights frequently experience water intrusion, you should go to a repair shop to check the lamp body. For fog that enters due to car washing or wading into deep water, be sure to check the car lights immediately after washing the car or wading in water to see if there is fog entering. If fog is found, light the car lights and remove the fog. The water mist evaporates, and do not ignore the mist condition in the lamp for a long time. Normally, if too much fog enters the car lights, and this happens frequently, it means that the dust cover of the car lights may crack, causing water to enter the car lights and form water mist inside the lamp cover. The brightness of the car lights will also be affected to a certain extent after water enters. At the same time, the circuit plug may be corroded, and the car lights may be damaged to a certain extent. Therefore, car owners must develop the habit of checking the headlights after driving on rainy days.

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