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Let me introduce you to a car function every day - car lights

For some female car owners or newbies, they still don’t understand what the function of car lights is. Today, let’s talk about what car lights are and what they do? Without further ado, let’s get straight to the topic.

Let me introduce you to a car function every day - car lights 1

First, let’s talk about the driving lights, which can also be called side lights. Their function is to make the four corners of the vehicle visible, but their brightness is not as high as the headlights. The main function of this kind of lamp is to play its role on rainy or dark days, and in underground garages. When the driving lights come on, the corresponding symbol will also light up on the dashboard. Then there are the high and low beams. Simply put, the high beam is higher than the low beam, so it can illuminate higher and farther objects. The second is the low beam, which is generally used on roads with street lights. On the contrary, the high beam is used on roads without street lights. Its function is usually used to illuminate road signs above the distant road. Of course, the purpose of communicating with other drivers can be achieved by changing the high and low beams in different ways. If the other vehicle uses high beams while driving, the driver can be reminded immediately to change the high and low beams!

Let me introduce you to a car function every day - car lights 2

Then there is the turn signal. As the name suggests, its function is to remind the driver behind when the vehicle needs to turn. For drivers who have learned to drive or have been driving for decades, when the vehicle needs to turn, the driver must turn on the turn signal in advance, and the vehicle can only turn after confirming that there is no car coming from behind. It is forbidden to turn on the signal immediately without confirming the situation behind you. This is very dangerous. And before overtaking, turn on the left turn signal and make sure that the overtaking conditions are met before overtaking. If the vehicle behind you intends to overtake while driving, you can signal the vehicle behind you to overtake by turning on the right turn signal. Secondly, when making a U-turn or turning in front of a traffic light, you do not need to turn on the turn signal all the time. In fact, it is not too late to turn on the turn signal when the vehicle is turning.

Let me introduce you to a car function every day - car lights 3

Then there is the matter of fog lights. Compared with other car lights, its penetrating power is much stronger! Its power is on par with the headlights. Therefore, in bad weather such as fog, heavy rain, heavy snow, sandstorms, etc., we should turn on the front and rear fog lights of the vehicle, so that other vehicles can see your car from a farther distance. Be sure to remember that the fog lights have Very good penetration and identification, be sure to remember to turn it on!

That’s it for the functions of the above-mentioned car lights. If you still don’t understand, you can leave a message, but for experienced drivers, these are definitely no problem!


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