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LG Is Determined to Lead the Trend Through Its New Wing 5g

Foldable and dual screen phones have come a long way, but they haven't changed much in essence. LG is determined to lead the trend through its new wing 5g, which is arguably the strangest dual display mobile phone we have ever seen. Samsung is a pioneer it knows how to make collapsible and still value for money high-end phones and expand to Galaxy Z fold2 5g, which has been regarded as one of the best smartphones this year. However, LG wing has a rotatable dual screen. For multitasking, it provides a different perspective from the dual screen display of Microsoft Surface Duo or Z fold2, which will lead to different views.

LG Is Determined to Lead the Trend Through Its New Wing 5g 1

LG wing 5g and Samsung Galaxy Z fold2 5g cannot be directly compared because they belong to a separate price range. One drop has flagship function, while the other drop is between the two. However, comparing the two will allow us to see their specifications and functions rather than compelling exception designs. Wing 5g may not be the competitor for the best smartphone of the year. It must be the biggest eyeball. This assessment will help to understand how wing resists the book like Z fold2 and which one should you choose? In a pandemic, there is a budget to buy expensive mobile phones.

The two phones are brought to the table in different ways. When turned off, both look like any other large screen smartphone. The first time you really see the unreal is when you flick LG wing's 6.8-inch p-oled fullvision display and rotate it horizontally (clockwise) to display the second (smaller) 3.9-inch screen below. However, the galaxy Z fold2 5g retains the book like design concept adopted by the first fold smartphone, but this time it is more exquisite, solid and eye-catching.When the Samsung device is turned on, it will display a large 7.6-inch dynamic AMOLED display with a new 120Hz adaptive refresh mode, which can be expanded to the smallest frame. It is divided into two parts by a hinge mechanism for folding the mobile phone, but when the mobile phone is placed flat, it is by no means an obstacle. In the folded state, the external screen of the mobile phone is 6.2 inches, and the frame is very thin, which is smaller than the original fold display.Both phones can be used in basic mode, just like ordinary smart phones. The wing can rotate to pop up smaller screens, so these applications can be used on both screens or both - one on each screen. Interestingly, the second screen can also be used as a grip - something called a "grip lock" can be activated so that accidental touch will not destroy the experience on the main display in landscape mode.

Galaxy Z fold2 5g extends the promise of the largest foldable mobile phone, provides a good display effect for work on the road, and pops up a large display similar to a tablet from your pocket when you need it. The external display is protected by the gorilla glass victus, while the foldable display is covered by Samsung's ultra-thin glass (UTG), making the image quality and foldability brighter and impressive. The hinge mechanism here is more user-friendly and robust than before. The gap between the screens has been handled, and flex mode ensures that you can hold the folding display at any angle like a laptop.

In terms of processing and power consumption, there are obvious differences between the two smartphones supporting 5g. LG wing 5g is equipped with eight core snapdragon 765G SOC, which provides power for its inner tank. It is paired with 8GB ram and has two storage options 128GB and 256gb which can be expanded with a microSD card (up to 2TB). Galaxy Z fold2 5g is the direct winner of the top snapdragon 865 processor. It has 12gb of huge ram paired with 265gb / 512gb of UFS 3.1 storage and cannot be expanded through microSD card.The thickness of the 282g Galaxy Z fold25g is only 6.9mm, which is very thin. However, after folding, it feels that the thickest part is 16.8mm, which is much thicker. It is equipped with a 4500mAh battery, which supports 25W fast charging and 11W wireless charging. For power users, it is enough to last at least one day before they need to replenish energy. The 260 gram LG wing 5g is 10.9 mm thick and feels a little clumsy. It only provides 4000mAh battery. It supports 25W fast charging and 10W wireless charging.This is the most interesting part of LG and Samsung's two smoothies. Speaking of the latter, the galaxy Z fold25g has a total of five cameras - the three camera settings on the back include a 12MP main shooter with F / 1.8 lens, a 12MP sensor with F / 2.2 ultra wide angle lens and a 12MP sensor with F / 2.4 telephoto lens, providing 2x optical zoom. On the front, on each screen, you will get a 10MP sensor with F / 2.2 lens to achieve self shooting effect without any gap.

LG Is Determined to Lead the Trend Through Its New Wing 5g 2

The LG wing 5g is also equipped with a triple rear camera setting with a 64mp main sensor with an F / 1.8 lens. The other two sensors in the housing include a 13mp sensor with an F / 1.9 ultra wide angle lens and a 12MP sensor with a six motion sensor with an F / 2.2 ultra wide angle lens.The appearance of dual ultra wide-angle lens is not a coincidence. In fact, one of them activates the "grip lock" function in rotation mode to open the "PTZ motion camera" function option, which allows you to use a smaller mobile phone display to control the camera angle. Virtual joystick. This allows you to reduce shaking or capture video while moving more stably. Present the PTZ like experience you like to repair. A bit fragile on LG wing is the 32mp front camera stacked in the pop-up module.Samsung has made many improvements to one UI 2.5 to make full use of the massive display function of Galaxy Z fold2. This is an excellent multitasking processor that allows you to interact with multiple applications (up to three) at the same time, and it looks neither laborious nor easy given the screen space. You can save shortcuts to your favorite application portfolio and pop them up for you by tapping on the edge panel.

Watching videos, playing games and navigating in the city on the huge Samsung mobile phone display will be smoother and more influential. However, compared with the dual screen, LG wing brings a completely different multi tasking and media consumption mode Z fold2 screen. Statement devices are showing people a new way to interact with dual screens and use them at the same time to bring more fun.

In rotation mode the entire front of LG wing 5g rotates 90 degrees and makes it in a horizontal direction on a smaller vertical screen it provides a new widescreen experience for users who can watch content on the main screen, and control or perform other operations on the auxiliary screen, such as chatting, making a phone call, etc. LG also has a "multi application" function, which allows you to save application pairs to be used simultaneously on two screens. At present, the main debate is the content type and application support of the two phones. Working with application developers will require many improvements to make the user experience on these smartphones smoother, especially when multitasking.

Don't think twice. In folding and rotating mobile phones, you need to understand their durability in real scenes. LG first said that the wing can withstand 200000 rotations - it can be used for up to five years. It is equipped with thermoplastic polyoxymethylene on the back of the main screen to prevent scratching on the second screen. At the same time, the hydraulic hinge mechanism with double springs and double locks ensures that the mobile phone can rotate for many years without problems. The wing obtains IP54 protection grade, which means that the wing also has dust-proof and water-proof functions.

Compared with the first fold, Samsung has made many improvements and started to redesign the hinge device and display screen to make the durability of smart phones impressive. In order to overcome the vulnerability of the foldable mobile phone, Samsung uses a 1.4r curved display and ultra-thin glass on the mobile phone to make the appearance more fashionable - the radius of curvature of the display screen is the smallest, which means that the mobile phone folds more closely along the crease without leaving any trace. When closed, the gap between the two filters will allow dust and small particles to enter, which will lead to the breakage of the filter screen. The mobile phone is not dustproof or waterproof.

LG wing was released on September 14, but there is no official information on the price and supply. It is rumored that it will be released in Aurora gray and illumination sky colors in the United States in October, first through Verizon, then at & T and T-Mobile. The galaxy Z fold2 5g, which costs up to $1999.99, is not suitable for everyone, but if you spend money, it's worth trying. It is available in two colors: mysterious black and mysterious bronze.

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