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Lightning Cat adopts an avant-garde headlight design, which improves the grade of the vehicle and is

In the past 14 months, Euler's sales have increased by more than 51 times, with sales of nearly 13,000 vehicles in March 2021, and its trendy brand friend circle has expanded to 100+. Such achievements may be the basis for the one million sales target. Euler Lightning Cat shines as a new member. The front face of the Lightning Cat looks very sharp and very recognizable. It also adopts an avant-garde headlight design to enhance the grade of the vehicle. The car is equipped with LED daytime running lights, headlight height adjustment, automatic opening and closing, adaptive high and low beams, delayed shutdown, etc. Coming to the side of the car, the body size of the car is 4871MM*1862MM*1500MM. The car adopts simple lines, and the body gives people a very delicate feeling. With large-sized and thick-walled tires, it looks sporty. In terms of rear design, the Euler Lightning Cat has simple rear lines, the taillights present a dignified design style, and the overall layout is impressive.

Lightning Cat adopts an avant-garde headlight design, which improves the grade of the vehicle and is 1

From the perspective of the central control, the 12.3-inch touch-sensitive LCD central control screen makes the interior design quite layered and looks very clean. The interior feels good. Let's look at the dashboard and seats. The dashboard of the car has a dignified design style, giving people a very sporty feel. The car uses imitation leather seats and is equipped with sports-style seats, electric adjustment of the auxiliary seats, electric seat adjustment with memory, seat ratio tilting and other functions. The materials are exquisite and the ride is comfortable. The Euler Lightning Cat is matched with a fixed-gear gearbox. The total motor power is 300KW and the total motor torque is 680N.m. The power performance is good.

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