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Maintenance Mode of Solar Street Lamp

Solar street lamps rely on solar energy to convert electric energy for lighting. They are widely used. They have been widely recognized from the first and second tier cities to rural areas. They can be seen everywhere from urban parks to residential areas and campuses. Here are some maintenance modes of solar street lamps.

The solar controller can control the street lights to be closed in the daytime and turned on at night. At the same time, it has the function of battery overcharge and over discharge maintenance. In addition, the solar controller can collect the operation status and operation information of the photovoltaic system, so as to provide an accurate and reliable basis for checking the system components.

After the end of direct charging, the battery will generally be left standing for a period of time by the charge discharge controller in order to let the internal voltage fall naturally. When it falls to the "recovery voltage" value, it will enter the state of even charging, which is the abbreviation of balanced charging. In the process of uniform charging of solar LED street lamps, the charging time is not suitable for too long. Generally, it can be in a few minutes to more than ten minutes. If the charging time is set too long, it will be unlucky. If it is for the small system equipped with one or two batteries, the meaning of equal charging is not big. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the LED solar street lamp controller generally does not set equal charge, as long as two stages.

After the solar street lamp is evenly charged, the battery shall be kept still for a period of time to make the voltage at the battery end fall naturally. When it falls to the maintenance voltage point, it will enter the floating charge condition next. Floating charge condition is equivalent to small current charging. If the voltage in the battery is lower, it will be charged a little, keep stable, and charge bit by bit to prevent the battery temperature from rising. It is good for the lasting use of the battery.

Maintenance Mode of Solar Street Lamp 1

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