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Maybe you don’t know the correct techniques for using fog lights1

Maybe you don’t know the correct techniques for using fog lights1 1

In real life, we will find that many vehicles are accustomed to turning on the front and rear fog lights and using the fog lights as daily lighting. In fact, this approach is wrong.

The main function of fog lights is to illuminate the road and provide safety warnings when driving in rainy and foggy weather. my country's Traffic Law stipulates that when visibility is less than 200 meters in rainy and foggy days, motor vehicles should turn on their fog lights. When visibility is good and there is no attenuation by obstacles such as fog, rain, and snow, fog lights are not allowed to be used.

This is because the light source of fog lamps has strong penetrability. Fog lamps will become very dazzling in an environment with good visibility. Directly shining on people's eyes will cause great interference and harm to people, and may even lead to car accidents. . Therefore, traffic regulations in many countries clearly stipulate that vehicles are prohibited from turning on fog lights when visibility is good.

The bulbs of fog lamps have high power, the light source has strong penetration, and there is no hood, so the fog lamps are very dazzling. The function of the low beam is to illuminate a certain distance in front of the car. Its illumination angle is lower than the horizontal line, and the power of the bulb is not large, so it will not cause interference to the drivers of other vehicles. Compared with low beam lights, front fog lights are stronger in terms of illumination angle, brightness and light source penetration. The brightness and penetration of the rear fog lights are also stronger than those of the brake lights. Therefore, the fog lights are very dazzling when turned on.

In heavy foggy days, the low-beam headlights with very weak penetrating power are very difficult to operate. At this time, fog lights must be relied on to make up for the shortcomings of low-beam headlights that cannot penetrate heavy rain and dense fog. Therefore, fog lights can only be used as emergency lighting tools in severe weather conditions and cannot be used as daily lighting.

Of course, some novices may turn on the fog lights by mistake without noticing it themselves, let alone realizing that the fog lights have caused interference to other people. Many novices will have this question: How do I know if the fog lights are on when I am sitting in the car? It is very simple, we can tell it by just looking at the icons on the dashboard.

Most of the models currently on sale will have the fog light switch set behind or on the left side of the steering wheel, and there will be a conspicuous sign. After turning on the width light (switch first position), you can turn on the fog lights.

The styles of fog light switches are mainly divided into two types: button type and knob type. Push-button fog light switches are relatively common on American brands such as General Motors and Ford. The characteristic of this opening method is that it is easy to operate and the corresponding functions can be realized with one click. There are two types of knob-type fog light switches. One is integrated on the left lever (turn signal lever), which is common in self-owned brand and Japanese brand models. The other is independently set in the left area of ​​the center console in the form of a knob. Volkswagen models are typical representatives of this type of fog light switch.

Fog lights can only play their due role in low-visibility environments. If they are used as lighting lights, fog lights with strong penetrating power are a serious interference to other drivers. The traffic coming and going reminds everyone: it is really a piece of cake to regulate the use of fog lights. The key lies in whether the driver has this awareness - whether you are a good driver with quality or a wicked ghost who is always cursed by others depends on how you use fog lights. The lights are out of the way.

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