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Media Tests Show That Volkswagen Sagitar Collides with Toyota Corolla, and Toyota's Structural Performance Is Weaker Than Volkswagen

In the reputation of private car owners, many "old drivers" boast that German cars are heavy, strong and collision resistant, Japanese cars are thin and collision resistant, and even float at high speed. At the same time, the debate about which Japanese car or German car is safer, stronger and crash resistant has never stopped.In addition, last year, China Insurance Research Institute successively conducted collision tests on German Volkswagen and a group of Japanese cars. Among them, Volkswagen models can be said to be "rollover" of the whole line, and Passat, Tiguan and maiteng all performed very well.In contrast, Camry, corolla and other models under the tnga framework of Japanese Toyota have achieved excellent results in China Insurance Research and are close to the status of "Fengshen".

Media Tests Show That Volkswagen Sagitar Collides with Toyota Corolla, and Toyota's Structural Performance Is Weaker Than Volkswagen 1

This has also changed the inherent impression of many consumers that Japanese leather and thin stuffing are not resistant to collision. At the same time, the German public is no longer so superstitious about its firmness and crashworthiness.To get back to business, in order to more intuitively feel the crashworthiness performance of German and Japanese cars. On January 17, the auto media platform "understanding car emperor" of byteco released the crash test video of the frontal collision between Toyota corolla and Volkswagen Sagitar. (click here to watch the video)In the test, the 50% offset collision of dual vehicles at 64 km / h is adopted. Toyota corolla and Volkswagen Sagitar complete the collision at 64 km / h and 50% overlap rate (driver's side). Finally, the evaluation is carried out according to the degree of body deformation and dummy injury data.

The Toyota Corolla is 2021 1 1.2t s-cvt pioneer version, and the guide price is 119800 yuan; Volkswagen Sagitar is 2021 200tsi DSG comfortable Zhilian version, with a guide price of 150900 yuan. Both models are equipped with head side airbag, side curtain and knee airbag.It is worth noting that FAW Volkswagen Sagitar is 2021, which does not rule out the possibility of strengthening the body safety structure of all models after Passat's tragic rollover.After the collision, according to the on-site photos, the collapse degree of the Japanese Toyota Corolla is more obvious. It can be said that "the whole body participates in energy absorption". In contrast to the German Volkswagen Sagitar, the collapse of the car body is not obvious. It can be seen that the structural performance of Toyota Corolla after collision is weaker than that of Volkswagen Sagitar.

Toyota Corolla post collision structureAfter the collision, the door of Volkswagen Sagitar can be opened easily, all air bags are detonated, and the dummy is well protected. On the whole, the vehicle structure has not changed much, including the A-pillar is not bent, the amount of front intrusion is small, and the overall frame is good.Volkswagen Sagitar post collision structure

In contrast, the intrusion volume of Toyota Corolla's front is significantly longer than that of Volkswagen Sagitar, and the collapse degree is more serious. The deformation of the lower firewall is also large, there are obvious gaps in the door hinge column, and there are small-area deformation in the A-pillar, but the overall passenger compartment frame is still complete.In addition, it is noteworthy that after the collision, the Carola door is not automatically unlocked, and the door cannot be opened outside the vehicle, but only inside. In addition, several deformations can be seen from the roof, and Carola absorbs energy through the whole body.After the vehicle was disassembled, it was found that Carola's deformation was more obvious. In addition to the deformation of the lower firewall and pedal, the central channel is also distorted, and the central channel sinks due to the extrusion during the collision.

Media Tests Show That Volkswagen Sagitar Collides with Toyota Corolla, and Toyota's Structural Performance Is Weaker Than Volkswagen 2

At the same time, the corolla has become the most deformed model among the media's multiple crash test models.In contrast, Volkswagen, which had "overturned" in the SINOSURE research frequency before, the chassis deformation of the Sagitar after disassembly is significantly less than that of the corolla. At the same time, the deformation strength is also weak, and the body strength is much better than that of the Toyota Corolla.Of course, this does not rule out that FAW Volkswagen has improved the structure of 2021 model to make the body more rigid. However, whether Sagitar makes improvements or not, it is an indisputable fact that Toyota Corolla has poor collision strength.

Seeing such unexpected results, many netizens couldn't help expressing their views. "Tnga vs. MQB confirmed the folk rumors that" the king of actual combat or the 'death' of actual combat ";" Japanese cars pay attention to cost, and the material cost is the red line standard of body design, so it is reasonable to have such achievements ";"The experimental results make China Insurance and Research Institute call it uncomfortable", "the deformation of the body structure after collision is of little significance, depending on the injury degree of the dummy. If the ultra-high strength steel body collides, the body does not deform and the people in the car are gone", what do you think of this?

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