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Mitsubishi Electric Power Data Center Brings High-efficiency, Energy-saving and High-power UPS System

Mitsubishi Electric Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. () will bring its parent company Mitsubishi Electric Corporation's m9800 and m9900 UPS series products to the 2015 DCD converged enterprise China Summit held at Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai from June 11 to 12, to enter the data center market and provide services for finance It and communication industries provide energy-efficient high-power UPS systems.At the summit, the m9800 and m9900 UPS series recommended by Mitsubishi Electric were mainly aimed at the models and needs of various types of data centers. M9800 provides 100 to 500 KVA products with built-in insulated transformer. M9900 series has a wider power range from 60 to 800kVA. It adopts the original three-level rectifier / inverter control mode, with an efficiency of 96%.These two UPS series also have the competitive advantages of modularization, networking and miniaturization, provide enterprises with high reliability, high performance and high efficiency systems, meet the market demand for energy-saving and green UPS systems, and save electricity expenses, air conditioning load loss and space.

Mitsubishi Electric Power Data Center Brings High-efficiency, Energy-saving and High-power UPS System 1

At this year's DCD converged enterprise China Summit, Mitsubishi Electric specially recommended the UPS system with power up to 800kVA in m9900 series, which is suitable for large data centers in finance, it and communication industries. M9900 series adopts double conversion structure, which can provide online and efficient UPS equipment.Mitsubishi Motor m9900 UPS series

Mr. Taniguchi fengcong, director and general manager of Mitsubishi Electric Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said: "in China, the financial, it and communication industries have developed by leaps and bounds in recent years. In order to keep close to the market trend, Mitsubishi Electric decided to adjust the market strategy to" Mitsubishi Electric " Brand, vigorously promote and sell its products to the market, not only participate in trade fairs and exhibitions, but also have opened business bases and carried out sales activities in an all-round way. In terms of customers, Mitsubishi Electric will aim at data centers, stock exchanges, banks and communication companies.

M9800 and m9900 series adopt the leading technology Mitsubishi Motor low energy consumption IGBT power module. In the low load operating environment, the IGBT power module of three-level control mode makes the UPS system still play a high efficiency and save the operation cost. Through Mitsubishi Electric's unique "Diamond eco driver" function, in the equipment (more than three) of the parallel system, the operation mode of UPS can be automatically adjusted according to the load rate, so as to save power consumption in the field of low load and improve the overall efficiency of the system.In order to reduce the interference to the network, the two series adopt the design of high-speed PWM inverter, which will not affect the high-performance output characteristics of communication equipment and computer equipment. Coupled with excellent component equipment technology, the overall equipment has been miniaturized. Its perfect high-performance man-machine interface and superior operability improve the reliability of the equipment. The product is equipped with long-life main components to greatly reduce the operating cost.M9800 and m9900 series adopt advanced DSP, ASIC and other control components to form advanced all digital control to ensure high reliability of products. All main parts are produced by Mitsubishi Electric, and undergo strict quality management internally to ensure reliability.

Mitsubishi Electric has been producing and selling UPS system since 1964, with a history of more than 50 years in the Japanese market and more than 30 years in the North American market.

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