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Modification Tips Modification of car headlights

Modification Tips Modification of car headlights 1

In the introductory stage of modification, in addition to the wheel hub modification we introduced in the previous issue, the thing that everyone is most exposed to may be the modification of car lights. Generally, when we modify car lights, we mainly modify the headlights and interior lights. Others also include chassis lights, position lights, etc. Today we are going to talk about modifying car headlights.

Before modifying headlights, it is necessary to understand the most basic legal knowledge. Article 97 of the "Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" stipulates that the wattage of headlights cannot exceed 60W. For the act of installing xenon headlights without permission, according to Article 90 of the Road Traffic Safety Law, private modification violates vehicle safety principles and will be fined 200 yuan and deducted 3 points; if the original car's halogen headlights are replaced with Xenon headlights, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law, will be subject to a fine of 500 yuan to 2,000 yuan. Therefore, car owners must comply with these regulations when upgrading light bulbs, otherwise they will be punished by the traffic police.

Modification Tips Modification of car headlights 2

Having said this, some friends may want to ask, if this is not allowed and that is not allowed, then what else has been modified? In fact, it is possible to follow the regulations and modify the car lights within the limits allowed by the regulations. First of all, if you want to upgrade xenon lights, it must be a car that originally used xenon headlights. You can choose original spare parts like OSRAM xenon car lights to increase the brightness of the lights within the scope of regulations; secondly, for the original car use Cars with halogen bulbs cannot be changed to xenon bulbs according to relevant regulations, but they can use original car lights to increase brightness within the regulations to improve the lighting effect. At present, there are many types of modification parts for car headlights, with huge price differences and a mixed bag. Especially car headlights are directly related to the safety of driving at night, so you must choose with special care.

Modification Tips Modification of car headlights 3

The more common halogen bulbs are available in pairs ranging from dozens to hundreds. Bad off-brand bulbs not only have low brightness and limited lifespan, but may also burn out the circuit. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to choose brand car lights that are supplied by the original factory. HID xenon headlights, the price difference between different brands is also very obvious. Since HID xenon headlights are spare parts with very complex craftsmanship and technology, poor HID often has a short life, the transformer box and the bulb are easy to burn out, and the color temperature The brightness and scattering angle often do not meet the requirements, so it is best to choose products from well-known manufacturers like Germany's Osram to avoid being cheap and suffering big losses.

Modification Tips Modification of car headlights 4

In addition, when we modify vehicle lights, an important principle to follow is "civilized modification", and the same is true for car lights. Some car owners who have modified HID lights often arouse the disgust of passers-by. On the one hand, in order to be cooler, these people choose HID with a color temperature that is too high and the light color is bluish. This blue light will particularly irritate other passers-by and drivers. Eyes are not only unpleasant, but also affect safety; on the other hand, many car owners do not pay attention to the rules for using lights when driving at night, such as turning on high beams when passing the wrong car, flashing the lights randomly, etc., which are not only disgusting, but also more likely to induce traffic accident. Therefore, you should also consider others when modifying your car lights. When driving on the road, safety is often interrelated. If others are safe, then your own safety will be protected from a certain perspective.

Modification Tips Modification of car headlights 5

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