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Modify truck headlights, these things you need to know

[Truck Home Original] For commercial vehicles, additions and modifications are relatively common. Because of the special transportation scenarios of trucks, some functions of the original vehicles cannot meet the needs of truck owners. Not long ago, a video was uploaded on the Truck Home Forum. The truck owner in the video violated laws and regulations by installing a light set without permission. In this issue, let’s talk about the modification of the headlight unit. What should we pay attention to when modifying?

Modify truck headlights, these things you need to know 1

● The lamp set can be replaced and must comply with legal standards.

Modify truck headlights, these things you need to know 2

I believe that many truck owners have encountered the lights of oncoming vehicles changing like the sun while driving. Especially when the brightness of the original headlights of the vehicle cannot meet the lighting needs of night driving, most truck owners will choose to adjust the lights. The team will perform replacement and upgrades, such as replacing halogen lights with hernia lights, LED lights, etc.

Modify truck headlights, these things you need to know 3

This behavior is not strictly defined in regulations, just like a vehicle light set that has to be replaced due to lifespan. Therefore, it is possible to replace the original lamp set, but it must meet the technical requirements for vehicle lamps in the "Technical Conditions for Safety of Motor Vehicle Operation".

Modify truck headlights, these things you need to know 4

For example, Article 8.5.2 of the "Technical Conditions for Safety in Motor Vehicle Operation" stipulates the luminous intensity of vehicle headlights. The standard stipulates that the low beam of the headlights should not be dazzling. There are also regulations on the lumen of the light in this condition, such as the low beam shall not be less than 1050 lumens, the high beam shall not be less than 1450 lumens, and the color temperature of the car lights shall not be higher than 6000K.

It can be seen that it is okay to replace the lamp set, but it must comply with the requirements of the legal regulations. Otherwise, it is very likely to be encountered during the vehicle inspection because the luminous intensity of the vehicle lamp meets the technical requirements in the "Technical Conditions for Safety of Motor Vehicle Operation", resulting in inaccuracies. Pass the annual inspection.

● The installation of additional light units is not only suspected of illegal modification, but also suspected of blocking the number plate.

Modify truck headlights, these things you need to know 5

Those who have watched the opening video must know very well that the driver in this video is installing additional lights on the vehicle. First of all, this behavior must be illegal modification, because Article 16 of the "Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" clearly stipulates that no unit or individual may assemble a motor vehicle or change the registered structure, structure or characteristics of the motor vehicle without authorization .

Modify truck headlights, these things you need to know 6

Therefore, in addition to the original light set, all additional light sets are in violation of this regulation. In addition, there are relevant regulations in the "Motor Vehicle Registration Regulations". Article 57 of the Regulations stipulates that anyone who changes the appearance of a motor vehicle or the relevant registered technical data without authorization shall be ordered by the traffic management department of the public security organ to restore it to its original state and shall be given a warning. Or a fine of not more than five hundred yuan.

Modify truck headlights, these things you need to know 7

Not only that, the card user in the video is not only suspected of illegal modification, but also suspected of covering the number plate. We can see in the video screenshot that when the additional light set is turned on, the numbers on the number plate are completely unclear. The "Road Traffic Safety Law" stipulates: When driving a motor vehicle on the road, you must hang the motor vehicle license plate, place the inspection mark and insurance mark, and carry the motor vehicle driving license with the vehicle. Motor vehicle license plates shall be hung in accordance with regulations and kept clear and complete, and shall not be intentionally blocked or defaced. Motor vehicle license plates shall be hung at designated locations in front and behind the vehicle and kept clear and complete.

Modify truck headlights, these things you need to know 8

According to the "Regulations on the Application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driving Licenses", it is illegal to drive a motor vehicle on the road without a motor vehicle license plate, or to intentionally block, deface, or fail to install the motor vehicle license plate in accordance with regulations. Will be deducted 9 points.

● Conclusion

The brightness of the lamp unit is closely related to driving safety, especially driving at night, which has a high demand for lighting intensity. For this reason, many truck owners will modify the lamp unit to some extent. Here, card friends should remind you of two points: first, the modification must comply with legal regulations to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future; second, installing a light set other than the original one may involve illegal modification and may also have a blocking number. card suspicion. Finally, Truck Home would like to remind truck owners that if they want to replace the light set, they must go to a regular service station and choose compliant light bulbs for replacement. (Text/Liu Ruquan)

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