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Modify your car lights yourself? First you have to pass this level

The reason why there is an industry of modified car lights is because it has its own professionalism and technology.

1: Take the disassembly of the car lights before modification. For most models, the front bumper of the car needs to be dismantled first.

Modify your car lights yourself? First you have to pass this level 1

But it's still relatively simple. There is a set of tools that can basically do it all. I think for friends who have the idea of ​​modifying their own car lights, it is no problem to dismantle the front bumper of the car.

But having said that, if you don’t know how to remove the front bumper of your car, then you’d better give up on the idea of ​​modifying the car lights yourself and go find a professional car light modification shop!

2: After removing the car lights, almost most car models need to disassemble the car lights. (A very small number of car lights do not need to be disassembled and modified)

This is where we focus today.

Modify your car lights yourself? First you have to pass this level 2

The sealant for car lights is divided into cold glue and hot glue. As long as the hot glue car lights are heated to a certain level, the car lights will easily decompose.

The rest of the car light modification is "easy to handle"

But if it is cold glue, I still recommend that everyone give up decisively.

Modify your car lights yourself? First you have to pass this level 3

It just so happens that I have a large Che in my shop right now. Let’s take the JEEP Cherokee as an example! After removing the front bumper, we first put it in the oven (not the oven used to bake pig's trotters at home), heated it to 130 degrees, and then started the operation. If the temperature drops during operation, it needs to be reheated. Repeat this until the car lights turn on.

Modify your car lights yourself? First you have to pass this level 4

I would say this process is very simple. During the specific operation, it must be fast, high temperature resistant, and the angle must be accurately grasped. It must be considered that the car lights cannot be pried too ugly, let alone damaged.

Modify your car lights yourself? First you have to pass this level 5

To sum up, if it is a cold glue car light, it is recommended that you go to a professional modification shop to modify it.

3: The operation after decomposition is one method per car, so I won’t go into details.

Thank you everyone for viewing this article!

My name is Xu Ge, follow me to learn more about car light modification.

If you have any questions, please leave a message in the comment area and we will discuss it together.

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