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Not a fuel-efficient lamp? After reading these points, you will know how to turn on your car lights

There is rain in summer and snow in winter. Nature will add some "props" to us in every season to test our driving skills. In addition to constantly improving our driving abilities, we must also learn to use car lights rationally to obtain auxiliary functions. Because whether it is rain, snow or accompanying fog, it will disrupt our vision, and car lights are not as simple as turning on and off indoor lights. A car has up to 15 types of lights, and we need to adapt accordingly. So the question becomes, how to use car lights correctly? Now, let Xiaoji show you the correct way to turn on the car lights in rainy and snowy weather~

Not a fuel-efficient lamp? After reading these points, you will know how to turn on your car lights  1

Turn on the lights according to the rain

Today’s APP is so accurate that when it comes to baldness, it will recommend implants and ads for you, and when it comes to dating, it will recommend dating apps... Big data knows how to accurately push based on your preferences. The same goes for driving, and it also needs to be based on rain. Depending on the size of the potential, different car lights are turned on.

It’s light rain, so don’t worry about it. Yu Xiao doesn’t want to hold an umbrella, but her clothes will get wet if she doesn’t. Is it more troublesome to hold an umbrella or to have wet clothes? People with tangle syndrome will complain that they can't stand it, but they don't need to be so tangled when driving. When it rains slightly, although there is almost no fog floating in the air outside the window, the light will be reduced due to the obstruction of dark clouds, and the visibility will be affected. At this time, car owners only need to turn on the width indicator light. The width indicator light is a warning light. It can not only indicate the height and width of the vehicle, but also be used to remind other vehicles to pay attention. It allows the vehicles to judge each other's relative position and vehicle size when meeting or overtaking.

Not a fuel-efficient lamp? After reading these points, you will know how to turn on your car lights  2

In moderate rain, dipped beam is the correct solution. It's not raining very heavily, but you can't see the road ahead clearly? In addition to the rain interfering with your vision, it is also possible that you turned on the high beam. When it rains moderately, most car owners will turn on their lights to illuminate the road ahead, but avoid using high beams. High-beam headlights will not only have a serious impact on the driver on the opposite side, but will also shine directly ahead, forming diffuse reflection on rainy days. They will not be able to effectively illuminate the situation in front of the car, creating a blind spot for yourself. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone turn on the low beam, which can supplement the light without affecting other drivers!

Not a fuel-efficient lamp? After reading these points, you will know how to turn on your car lights  3

Heavy rain, but don’t send the wrong message. When the rain is too heavy, some car owners will turn on their double flashers. Turning on the double flashers of some cars will cause the turn signals to temporarily fail. Other drivers may also think that the car is in danger and brake suddenly. These confusions The transmission of information can easily lead to rear-end collisions. In fact, double flashlights cannot be abused, and their penetrating power is not as good as fog lights. Therefore, when it rains heavily, it is recommended that car owners turn on the front fog lights. The fog light beams are diffuse and bright but not dazzling. In extreme cases, only turn on the rear fog lights, because the penetrating power of the fog lights is too strong and may affect the vision of the driver behind you. You should not only care about yourself when driving, but also consider the feelings of other drivers.

Not a fuel-efficient lamp? After reading these points, you will know how to turn on your car lights  4

Don’t neglect the reflection when it’s snowing

Is it romantic when it comes to snowy days? No, there are often dangers hidden behind beauty, such as reflections in snowy weather. Some car owners turn on their fog lights because they feel they cannot see clearly in snowy weather, but snowflakes are different from fog. Snow will be reflected by the strong light of the fog lights, and it is also very dazzling. Therefore, be sure not to turn on fog lights on snowy days. When visibility is low due to snow, you should turn on low beam lights to help the driver see the situation ahead clearly. Secondly, turn on the width lights to indicate the presence of vehicles so that vehicles passing in front and behind can see them. Your specific location and traffic conditions make it convenient for others and yourself, "killing three birds with one stone", and the other is civilization!

Not a fuel-efficient lamp? After reading these points, you will know how to turn on your car lights  5

Passive parking and double flashing

Have you ever encountered a sudden heavy rain or snowstorm? Although this situation is rare, it is enough to cause a headache once in a while. At this time, the only choice is to slow down or pull over to the side of the road and park temporarily. Remember to turn on the right turn signal when parking during the day. You can turn on the front and rear lights at night. If the weather is too extreme and visibility is very low, you can turn on the double flashing lights, which are hazard warning lights.

Not a fuel-efficient lamp? After reading these points, you will know how to turn on your car lights  6

These lights are "not fuel-efficient lights." When using them in daily life, we must not only consider different weather conditions, but also be careful not to affect other drivers and passers-by. Learn how to use car lights to increase driving safety. No matter if it rains or snows, you will have your own strategies to deal with it. If you have anything to add, please feel free to share it in the comment area!

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