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Original car lights cost more than RMB 20,000, while factory accessories only cost a few thousand. H

Most Chinese car owners have a fixed understanding that original factory parts must be better than those from auxiliary factories. The same is true when repairing a car. Original parts must be stronger and of higher quality than auxiliary factory parts. The real situation is Like this?

Original car lights cost more than RMB 20,000, while factory accessories only cost a few thousand. H 1

Car parts have different sources and channels, and the price gap is particularly large. Let’s take car lights as an example. An original car from Audi sells for more than 20,000 yuan, but it only costs a few thousand yuan to replace it with aftermarket parts. How big is the gap between original car lights and aftermarket car lights? Woolen cloth?

Some car owners believe that original parts must be better than aftermarket parts, and would rather spend more than 10,000 more to replace them with original parts. In fact, original parts are not necessarily produced by automobile factories. These parts may be produced by outsourced factories.

Original car lights cost more than RMB 20,000, while factory accessories only cost a few thousand. H 2

When it comes to building a car, some parts are made, but some parts are also produced by designated factories. Parts produced by designated factories will undergo quality inspection before leaving the factory. After passing the quality inspection, they will be installed on the car.

When repairing a car, the so-called original parts are actually only accessories produced by designated manufacturers. These accessories can be traced to the corresponding manufacturer numbers. The biggest advantage of this type of original parts is that they have been inspected by multiple departments of the car company, so the quality must be the best.

Original car lights cost more than RMB 20,000, while factory accessories only cost a few thousand. H 3

The disadvantage of original parts is that they are more expensive and the ordering cycle is very long. An Audi owner in Guangdong accidentally hit an obstacle on the side of the road while driving, causing damage to one side of the car's lights. The 4S store's damage assessment price was 28,000 yuan, and the car owner waited for more than two months to replace it with original parts.

After looking at the original parts, let’s talk about the accessory parts. The price of sub-factory parts is much cheaper than original parts, mainly because the sub-factory parts have not passed the quality inspection of multiple departments of the car company, and the products do not have serial numbers and cannot be queried in the system.

Original car lights cost more than RMB 20,000, while factory accessories only cost a few thousand. H 4

Factories that produce auxiliary parts also supply car companies, but in addition to providing goods to car companies, they also produce and sell their own products. The price of sub-factory parts is so cheap because these parts can be sold by themselves through other channels, so the price is kept very low.

Do original parts have better quality than aftermarket parts? This is not necessarily the case. The production standards of some sub-factory parts are similar to those of original parts. However, the sub-factory parts have not undergone quality inspection and the product number cannot be found.

Original car lights cost more than RMB 20,000, while factory accessories only cost a few thousand. H 5

There is a kind of part on the market that is not recommended for everyone to buy. This kind of part is an imitation part. Theoretically speaking, prevention and treatment accessories are not considered to be sub-factory goods. The factories that produce these imitation parts are small workshops. The parts they produce have poor specifications and uneven quality.

These imitation parts are likely to be sold on the market disguised as review parts. Some car owners who do not understand cars may be greedy for cheap and not buy such imitation parts. The quality of imitation parts is poor, and the quality control of some parts is particularly poor. They are easily deformed after being used for a long time.

Original car lights cost more than RMB 20,000, while factory accessories only cost a few thousand. H 6

Editor's comments:

The gap between original factory goods and sub-factory goods is not that big. When repairing the car, you can do what you can. If you are not able to replace the original parts, you can also use sub-factory parts, but be careful not to choose Replica parts.

Original parts are of the best quality and come with a warranty. The main focus of subsidiary factory parts is cost-effectiveness. The quality is relatively close to the original parts, but the price is much cheaper. You should also know how to choose when choosing parts for review, and try to choose products from big brands.

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