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Pay attention to the fogging of car lights and don’t leave any hidden dangers to your safety.

Car lights play a very important role in daily driving

As the temperature continues to drop

Fogging of car headlights begins to occur frequently

This situation can easily affect the normal lighting effect of the car lights.

Causing potential safety hazards to driving safety

Many car owners are confused about this

Why does my car always have foggy eyes?

Why do car lights fog up?

Car fogging is actually a very common phenomenon

This is because there is a tiny vent tube on the back cover of the car lights.

The heat generated during lighting can be discharged through the ventilation tube

Enable car lights to work at normal temperatures

Prevent it from malfunctioning or shortening its service life at high temperatures

Pay attention to the fogging of car lights and don’t leave any hidden dangers to your safety. 1

It is precisely because of the existence of this ventilation tube

Moisture in the air can "take advantage of the void"

In seasons with large temperature differences between morning and evening or in rainy and foggy days with high humidity

This moisture condenses on the inside of the lampshade

Causes car lights to fog up

Pay attention to the fogging of car lights and don’t leave any hidden dangers to your safety. 2

How to eliminate fogging?

Fogging of car lights will have a certain impact on the penetrating power of the car lights.

For driving safety

It is recommended that car owners develop the habit of checking their car lights before driving.

Turn on the car lights after discovering they are foggy

Use the temperature generated by car lights to evaporate the fog

Wait until the lights return to normal before driving the car

Pay attention to the fogging of car lights and don’t leave any hidden dangers to your safety. 3

But it should be noted that

Never attempt to use an external heat source to bake the car lights at high temperatures

The exterior of the car lights is made of plastic, and high temperatures may cause the lampshades to deform.

Easily cause damage to car lights

Distinguish between fogging of car lights and water ingress, this situation should not be underestimated

Fogging of car lights is common

But there is another situation that is easily confusing

That's water in the headlights

The accumulation of water in the car lights will not only affect the lighting

It may also damage the lights

The way to distinguish between foggy car lights and water in the car lights is very simple

If the appearance of the car lights does not look like a vast white mist,

Instead, there are traces of water flow, and there is water accumulation at the bottom of the lampshade.

It means the headlights are filled with water.

When wading in water or washing the car improperly

This may cause water to enter the car lights.

In this case, you should promptly go to the authorized store to have the car lights inspected.

Pay attention to the fogging of car lights and don’t leave any hidden dangers to your safety. 4

Car lights are equivalent to the eyes of the car

Plays an important role in daily car use

It is recommended that all car owners develop the habit of regularly checking the condition of their car lights.

Discover problems and resolve faults in a timely manner

This is the correct way to use and maintain your car

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