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"Posture" Things you must know about the use of car fog lights

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●What is the function of fog lights?

Don't be too quick to look at me with disdain. Many drivers really can't answer. Here’s a unified answer: 1. Supplement lighting in rainy and foggy weather; 2. Let people around you notice your presence. The first point is easy to understand, but many people are not aware of the second point. Therefore, the next few questions: when to turn on the fog lights, when not to turn on, and what are the reasons... naturally cannot be answered. Therefore, the following focuses on answering these questions.

●Why are the colors of the front and rear fog lights different?

Regardless of the front or rear fog lights, the principle is actually the same. So why are the front and rear fog lights different colors? This is the so-called "concrete analysis of specific situations."

Posture Things you must know about the use of car fog lights 1

●When to use fog lights and when not to use them?

Due to this special principle of fog lamps, it has a certain range of use. First of all, the light source of fog lamps has no directionality and looks similar from all angles. When separated by heavy fog, the light intensity is just right. In this way, the fog lights play a role in improving visibility. When the visibility returns to normal, the high brightness and scattering characteristics make the fog lights a very dazzling light source. At this time, the fog lights should be turned off without hesitation.

Posture Things you must know about the use of car fog lights 2

Secondly, in rainy and foggy weather, fog lights cannot be used at any time. Regarding its use, let’s take a look at the official statement from the Ministry of Public Security:

1. When visibility is between 200m and 500m, low beam lights, width lights and tail lights must be turned on, the speed must not exceed 80kmh, and a driving distance of more than 150m must be maintained with the vehicle in front of you in the same lane;

2. When the visibility is 100-200m, fog lights, low beam lights, width lights and tail lights must be turned on, the speed must not exceed 60kmh, and a distance of more than 100m from the vehicle in front must be maintained;

3. When the visibility is 50-100m, the fog lights, low beam lights, width lights and tail lights must be turned on, the speed must not exceed 40kmh, and the distance from the vehicle in front should be more than 50m.

4. When visibility is less than 50m, the public security traffic control department will take traffic control measures to close part or all of the highway in accordance with regulations.

In other words, fog lights only come into play when the visibility is less than 200m. There are two reasons: first, when the visibility is greater than 200m, the headlights, width lights, and taillights can already provide sufficient lighting and warning effects; second, the fog at this time can soften the fog lights, and the visibility is poor and requires Fog lights serve as supplementary lighting.

●Which one is more “conspicuous”, the rear fog light or the double flashlight?

When encountering bad weather on the highway, many drivers can’t wait to turn on their double flashers. Many people even have such a mentality that they turn on the double flashing lights and think that they are the "privileged car" that attracts thousands of people's attention. They frequently merge and weave in the traffic flow at high speed in strong winds and heavy rains. We don’t take the time to condemn this behavior, but there are three questions worth discussing: 1. Are double flashes suitable in rainy and foggy weather? 2. When the dual flashers are turned on but the fog lights are not turned on, when will the fog lights be turned on? 3. What should I do when changing lanes when double flash is activated?

The double flashing lights are bright yellow, and the color is close to the fog lights of the past. It makes people feel that everything will be fine when driving it in rainy and foggy weather. In fact, the dual flashlights only look "conspicuous", and the actual effect is not comparable to fog lights at all. First of all, it does not have a special design like a fog lamp, and the light it emits is irregularly scattered like a taillight, rather than a regular radiant pattern; secondly, its brightness is far less than that of a fog lamp. These two points cause the double flash to be inferior to the fog lamp in terms of penetration. Below are some photos I took on the highway in heavy rain (dangerous action, imitation is strictly prohibited).

Posture Things you must know about the use of car fog lights 3

Not a single car in the picture above has its fog lights on. The Jeep in the middle lane only has its side lights and tail lights on, and is already much more conspicuous than the two cars next to it. This shows how important car lights are in bad weather.

Posture Things you must know about the use of car fog lights 4

In this photo, the car in the middle lane has its rear fog lights turned on. It has become the most dazzling "star" on this stretch of road. There is also a "ghost car" on this road with no lights on. Look carefully. Where is it? Not turning on your headlights in heavy rain can have serious or minor consequences.

Posture Things you must know about the use of car fog lights 5

The last picture should be able to refute many people's opinions. Which one is more conspicuous, the double flashlight or the rear fog light? In this photo, the distance between the two cars in front and the shooting car is roughly the same. It is obvious that the only rear fog light of the black car is more conspicuous than the two double flashes of the white car. This is the "power" of the fog lights. The light source and brightness of fog lights are more suitable for weather with low visibility than double flash. The function of the double flash is to indicate danger and temporary parking. When turned on, the function of the turn signal is lost. Using double flashlights instead of fog lamps, the safety of foglights is not used, but the disadvantages of double flashes are revealed. It is really a stupid move to lose the watermelon and pick up the sesame seeds.

Therefore, when you drive through thick fog or encounter heavy rain on the highway, the correct approach is to maintain a reasonable speed and turn on the low beam and front and rear fog lights. In addition to making your own vision as good as possible, it also makes it easier for others. Aware of your presence and the distance between you. But be sure not to turn on the high beam. When the high beam shines in the fog, the white flowers will be more dangerous.

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Posture Things you must know about the use of car fog lights 6

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