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Samsung Galaxy Fold Has Sold One Million Units and Will Launch at Least Two New Folding Screen Machines next Year

On December 13, it was reported that young Sohn, President of Samsung Electronics, disclosed the sales of the folding screen mobile phone Samsung Galaxy fold at an event in Berlin. He said that the company had sold 1 million Galaxy folds.For the current sales of Galaxy fold, young Sohn said that Samsung could do better and continue to expand its sales scope next.As Samsung's first folding screen mobile phone, the price of Galaxy fold is not cheap. At present, the price is more than 14000, and the Bank of China has reached 15999 yuan. For this phone, many users reported that although the galaxy fold has been redesigned and adjusted by Samsung, there are still quality problems, such as serious wrinkles.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Has Sold One Million Units and Will Launch at Least Two New Folding Screen Machines next Year 1

In response to the wrinkle problem of Galaxy fold mobile phones, SamSung China's official customer service once responded that the unpacked Samsung fold mobile phones do not support the 7-day unreasonable return service. Please unpack them after confirming your demand (you can't turn them on, and nothing in the package can be lost). Although it is not clear whether wrinkles will affect the use of mobile phones, they have a great impact on the appearance from the visual effect.

The folding screen design of Galaxy fold is an internal folding design. When the mobile phone is not folded, it is a 4.6-inch external display. After expansion, it is a 7.3-inch dynamic AMOLED internal main display with a resolution of 2152 1536 pixels, with a screen ratio of 21:9. In this regard, Samsung officials also reiterated that the galaxy fold should be used with special care, because it is easy to break the screen when falling, so as to avoid scratching by sharp objects. It is recommended to use leather cases every day. At the same time, the mobile phone contains precision parts. In order to prolong its service life, please avoid foreign matters such as liquid, sand and dust from entering the interior of the mobile phone.

In addition to outdoor use, some foreign media said frankly after experiencing Galaxy fold that this Samsung folding phone needs to pay attention to many matters. It is as fragile as a newborn. Even sharp nails can't get close to the screen (there is a risk that the screen will be damaged if fingernails or hard objects are scratched slightly). There is a great chance of color spots in the middle of the folding screen.Samsung officials previously said that the folding times of Galaxy fold was 200000 times and the expected service life was 5 years. According to the actual test conducted by foreign media, when it was folded 119380 times, one screen of Samsung Galaxy fold could not work normally, and the hinge began to wear. About 12 minutes later, the hinge was scrapped, but the other screen could still work normally. For such performance, foreign media believe that the improved Galaxy fold version is still only a semi-finished product.

The report sent by the third-party dismantling organization ifixit shows that the improved Galaxy fold is very fragile (Samsung has posted the use warning on the screen of the new machine: do not use force, be careful with water and dust, and do not apply film). Samsung has tried to cover as many exposed spots as possible to prevent dust and debris from entering the mobile phone. The opening hole on the plastic baffle has been sealed with a protective cover, But there are still gaps in the back of the phone, which can provide access to dust and debris.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Has Sold One Million Units and Will Launch at Least Two New Folding Screen Machines next Year 2

Samsung overweight folding screen mobile phone

No matter whether the outside world praises the folding screen mobile phone, Samsung is overweight this form of model. According to the industry chain, Samsung may launch at least two new folding screen phones next year, one of which can be regarded as an upgraded version of Galaxy fold. The shape is not much different from the current one, but the optimization of some details and the improvement of configuration. The other is a folding screen mobile phone (folding smart phone) with folding up and down style, The appearance is basically the same as that of the previous moto Razr. After all, the screen supplier of the latter is Samsung.

Samsung will release a new folding screen mobile phone in February next year. At that time, Galaxy S11 will appear together. The up-down folding screen mobile phone is expected to be released around August next year. Its retail price is about 845 US dollars, equivalent to about 6000 yuan. Industry chain stakeholders said that at present, Samsung is very optimistic about folding screen mobile phones. Next year, it is expected that the shipment volume of this type of equipment will be about 6 million, and this number will soar to 20 million in 2021.In addition to its own overweight folding screen mobile phones, Samsung is also actively selling its own folding screen solutions to some mobile phone manufacturers. According to the industry chain, Xiaomi, oppo, Yijia, vivo and even Huawei are actively testing the folding screen scheme provided by Samsung.

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