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Sharing of car light upgrade plans for 23 Touareg models #carlightupgrade

The Touareg's original LED headlights are not bright enough, how can I upgrade the lights? Let’s first take a look at the structure of the original car headlight: it is an LED bifocal lens integrating high and low beams. There is a steering auxiliary light next to it, and its lighting function does not play a major role. We went to the garage to measure the brightness of the original car's lights, and it really felt like it was not ideal. In response to the needs of the car owner, we have configured a four-near and four-far lighting upgrade solution for him. Let us take a look at the upgrade process.

First, you need to remove the bumper, put a towel on it, carefully remove the headlight assembly, and clean it.

Sharing of car light upgrade plans for 23 Touareg models #carlightupgrade 1

After cleaning, you need to put a protective film on the headlight and heat it in the oven for 20 minutes.

Sharing of car light upgrade plans for 23 Touareg models #carlightupgrade 2

The product used this time is Ozim Kirin GI, which is a pair of laser lenses. This lens is more suitable for the internal structure of the Touareg. We install the lens in the decorative frame of the steering auxiliary light, install it using a special bracket, and then install it into the light body.

Next, you need to weld the power plug, put on the hot water pipe, wrap it with tape, and then install and debug the vehicle to ensure that the light level is consistent and the function is normal.

After completion, the headlight needs to be removed for internal cleaning and the internal accessories restored in sequence. Finally, you need to clean the dust and fingerprints inside the lamp, inject the original lamp sealant, close the lamp cover, and fix it with gun nails.

After the upgrade is completed, we can see that the lighting effect is almost the same as the original one. The upgraded car lights can achieve four low beam and four high beam lighting effects.

Finally, we headed to the garage for a light brightness test. If you like it, you can follow me so you can find me in the future.

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