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Should I turn on double flashers or fog lights in foggy weather? How to drive safely?

Driving in foggy weather can easily lead to traffic safety accidents. Drivers must drive carefully and slowly. So what kind of lights should be turned on in foggy weather? Should double flashers or fog lights be turned on in foggy weather?

What lights should I turn on on a foggy day?

Regarding whether to turn on double flashlights or fog lights in foggy weather, the most controversial thing is that many people think that turning on double flashlights will be more conspicuous than turning on fog lights. So is this actually the case? In fact, it is not. Double flashers just look "conspicuous". ", but the actual effect is simply not comparable to that of fog lights.

The double flashlights are not specially designed like fog lights, and the light they emit is irregularly scattered like taillights, rather than regular radiation; secondly, the brightness of the double flashlights is far less than that of fog lights. At the same distance, a black car with fog lights on is obviously more conspicuous than a white car with double flashing lights on. Therefore, the light source and brightness of fog lights are more suitable for weather with low visibility than double flash.

The full name of double flash is "danger warning flasher". As the name suggests, it is a signal light used to signal other vehicles to slow down or stop in an emergency. If it is turned on during normal driving, the vehicle behind will not be able to determine the intention of the vehicle in front, and will not know whether the vehicle in front is stationary or driving. When a real danger is encountered and the vehicle behind needs to stop in time, the vehicle behind may be unable to stop in time and cause an accident.

It is not advisable to turn on double flashers during normal driving in foggy weather. First, the penetrating power of double flashers in foggy days is not as strong as that of fog lights. Secondly, turning on double flashers in foggy days will seriously affect the judgment of the car behind you, leaving a lot of confusion when driving. A huge safety hazard.

Should I turn on double flashers or fog lights in foggy weather? How to drive safely? 1

Things to note when driving in foggy weather

1: Avoid overtaking blindly. If you find that the vehicle in front is parked on the right, do not go around blindly. You must consider whether the vehicle is waiting for the oncoming vehicle. When overtaking a vehicle parked on the roadside, after confirming that it has no intention of starting and there is no oncoming vehicle, honk the horn at the right time and bypass it from the left at low speed. In addition, please pay attention to the lane markings on the road and do not drive across the lanes, otherwise there is a risk of colliding with oncoming vehicles. When driving on curves and slopes, you should slow down in advance and avoid changing speed, stopping or stalling midway.

2: Pull over and park at the right time. If the fog is too heavy, you can park the car aside and turn on the low beam and emergency lights at the same time. After parking, get off the car on the right side and stay as far away from the road as possible. Do not sit in the car to avoid being hit by passing cars. Wait until the fog clears or the visibility is better before hitting the road.

3: Check vehicle equipment. Before going out, you should wipe the windshield, headlights and taillights clean, and check whether the vehicle lights, brakes and other safety facilities are complete and effective. In addition, you must carry a warning triangle or other warning signs in the car. When you encounter a sudden failure and stop for maintenance, you must place warning signs 50 meters in front and behind the car to remind other vehicles to pay attention.

4: Keep distance between vehicles. When driving in fog, you should try to drive at a low speed, especially keep a sufficient safe distance from the vehicle in front, and do not follow too closely. Try to drive in the middle of the road instead of along the roadside to avoid colliding with people who have temporarily parked on the roadside to wait for the fog to clear.

5: Don’t use high beam. When driving in foggy weather, you must use anti-fog lights and abide by the lighting usage regulations: turn on the front and rear anti-fog lights, tail lights, width lights and low beam lights, use lights to improve visibility, and see the vehicles, pedestrians and road conditions ahead clearly, and also allow It is easy for others to see yourself. Special attention should be paid to not using high beam when driving in foggy weather. This is because the optical axis of the high beam is slanted upward, and the emitted light will be reflected by the fog, forming a vast expanse of white in front of the car, and the driver will not be able to see anything. .

6: Don’t brake suddenly. When driving in fog, generally do not step on the accelerator or release the accelerator quickly, let alone emergency braking or turning the steering wheel. If you think it is necessary to reduce the vehicle speed, first slowly relax the accelerator, and then lightly apply the brakes several times to control the vehicle speed and prevent rear-end collisions.

7: Reduce vehicle speed. When driving in fog, you must strictly abide by traffic regulations and speed limits, and never drive fast. The greater the fog, the shorter the visual distance and the lower the vehicle speed must be. Experts suggest that when the visibility is less than 200 meters and greater than 100 meters, the speed should not exceed 60 kilometers per hour; when the visibility is less than 100 meters than 50 meters, the speed should not exceed 40 kilometers per hour; when the visibility is within 30 meters, the speed should be controlled below 20 kilometers per hour.

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