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Strongly recommended to watch, knowledge that cannot be learned in driving schools, the use of commo

Strongly recommended to watch, knowledge that cannot be learned in driving schools, the use of commo 1

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There is still a long way to go between getting a driver's license and driving freely on the road, and a lot of driving knowledge is not learned in driving schools. Therefore, there are many people who have obtained a driver's license but are afraid to drive on the road. In this issue, the editor has gathered various experiences and information to tell you the skills and knowledge that driving schools have not taught you - the usage and light language of commonly used car lights.

What are the common lights used in cars?

Commonly used lights in an ordinary vehicle include: headlights (low beam), high beam, turn signals, double flashers, front and rear fog lights, and brake lights.

1. Headlights (low beam)

Strongly recommended to watch, knowledge that cannot be learned in driving schools, the use of commo 2

You can turn on the headlights when the illumination is not enough, such as in rainy weather, at dusk, when the street lights are about to turn on but not on, etc. Some people may say, I can see, why do I need to turn on the light? In fact, the purpose of turning on the headlights at this time is to remind others, just like a blind person walking with a lantern at night.

2. High beam

Generally speaking, high beam lights are turned on when there is no car ahead and the illumination is not enough. Due to the uniqueness of the high-beam headlights, there are a few points that need special attention: turn them off when you are about to meet another car or when a car passes in front; in heavy rain and foggy weather, the high-beam headlights will form diffuse reflection, which will not It is good for sight, so do not turn on the high beam in rainy and foggy days.

Another common function of headlights and high beams is light language, which is commonly known as flashing lights. When driving, we cannot communicate with other vehicles. What should we do? At this time, flashing lights is a silent communication.

  • Flashing once is to say to the vehicle in front: remind the vehicle in front that it is too slow, please keep a reasonable road; to say to the merging vehicle: agree to the other party's merging.

  • Shan Liangxia said to the oncoming vehicle: I am dissatisfied with the high beam of your vehicle. You shook my glasses. Oncoming vehicles should immediately switch to low beam headlights.

  • Flashing three times is to remind adjacent vehicles that there is a problem and please stop for inspection.

  • Continuous flashing indicates that vehicles that do not agree to the request are merging.

3. Turn signal

The function of the turn signal is to prompt surrounding vehicles to change lanes and merge into lanes or to make a turn. Please note that the function of the turn signal is not to tell others that I am going to change lanes and you all have to let me, but to make a request for your own lane change behavior. Please turn on the turn signal and confirm that you are within a safe distance before changing lanes. proceed below. Another function of the turn signal is to remind others that you need to overtake the vehicle in front, especially on high speeds.

4. Front and rear fog lights

In rainy and foggy weather, please turn on the fog lights, turn on the low beam headlights, and drive at a reasonable speed. Also: Please do not turn on fog lights at night on sunny days, as they are really dazzling.

5. Double flash

Double flashing lights means that the left and right turning lights flash at the same time. They are used for short stops, please pay attention to emergency situations, to remind the following vehicles when the driving conditions on the highway change greatly, and to form a convoy with the consent of traffic regulations.

6. Brake lights

The brake light is at the rear of the car. When the driver applies the brakes, the rear brake light will light up to remind the car behind to slow down and prevent a rear-end collision.

The above are the usage and precautions of commonly used car lights. These skills can make the car drive better without any effort in practice. More skill, less accidents. If you like it, please follow this headline. There will be more driving skills and experiences to share with you later. Finally, I wish all car enthusiasts to reach the point where "human and vehicle are integrated" as soon as possible, and quickly tear off the label of "road killer".

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