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The Best Choice for High-end Refrigerators, Samsung Pindao Family Banquet Series Refrigerators Are About to Appear

In recent years, with the development and growth of high net worth groups, the consumption concept of pursuing "quality" and "high-end" has become a new trend, which has driven the rapid upgrading and innovation of all walks of life, including the refrigerator industry. In the refrigerator industry, Samsung refrigerator has become synonymous with quality and high-end with top preservation technology, exquisite internal design and high texture appearance technology. It is reported that Samsung, which is constantly pushing through the old and bringing forth the new, has made another big move recently. It is about to launch a new original imported multi door refrigerator - Pindao family banquet series refrigerator, which will continue to lead the high-end market and bring consumers a new choice of fresh-keeping.

The Best Choice for High-end Refrigerators, Samsung Pindao Family Banquet Series Refrigerators Are About to Appear 1

The high net worth population increased significantly, and the consumption strength boosted the growth of the high-end consumer market

According to the 2020 global high net worth population report released by wealth-x, the net assets of China's high net worth population reached US $2.59 trillion in 2019, a year-on-year increase of 11.8%. The increase of the high net worth population base and the acceleration of growth mean that the market of high-end products is expanding, which is bound to affect the development of high-end refrigerator industry. According to the monitoring data of ovicloud, in the first half of 2021, the market share of medium and low-end refrigerators decreased to varying degrees. At the same time, high-end refrigerators showed a steady growth trend. Among them, the market share of refrigerators with prices above 15K increased by 3.4% year-on-year.

From the above data, it can be seen that the performance of high-end refrigerators is indeed strong enough this year. The expansion of high net worth consumer groups is one of the reasons, which is fundamentally due to the higher quality solutions provided by high-end refrigerators in terms of function, design and quality assurance. Samsung has long laid out the high-end refrigerator market and accumulated strong scientific and technological innovation and product design strength. This time, what surprises will Samsung's upcoming Pindao family banquet series refrigerators bring?To meet the needs of more users, Samsung's new refrigerator will bring new choices and new experiencesIt is reported that the new refrigerator of Pindao family banquet series that Samsung will bring this time has a deep insight into the current high-end consumers' demand and focus on the use of refrigerators, and will bring new surprises in terms of preservation technology, appearance design, refrigerator capacity, internal partition management, etc.

Preservation is the first essence of the refrigerator. According to the core needs of consumers, the Samsung Pindao family banquet series refrigerators have been upgraded in terms of preservation function. The revolutionary frost free three cycle refrigeration technology and the newly upgraded exquisite preservation mode are used to realize rapid refrigeration, accurate temperature control, lock freshness and protect the best texture and nutrition of food. In terms of appearance, this new refrigerator adopts a flat appearance, abandons redundant design, gives full play to simple aesthetics, and perfectly matches the modern home style.

The Best Choice for High-end Refrigerators, Samsung Pindao Family Banquet Series Refrigerators Are About to Appear 2

As a small "warehouse" of families, the capacity and zoning management of refrigerators have always attracted consumers' attention. In terms of capacity, the new refrigerator of Pindao family banquet series has a super large capacity of 647l, and the capacity of the internal fruit and vegetable room has also been greatly improved; In terms of zoning management, the new refrigerator will adopt dual fresh storage space and broadband variable temperature, which complement each other and keep fresh by classification, so as to provide the most suitable storage mode for various food materials and meet diversified storage needs. Samsung's original butterfly door food window has been upgraded. The innovative double-layer door design makes it easy to put common food and drinks in the outer food window, and the inner fresh-keeping cabinet has become a special channel for large food materials, which once again explains the efficient layout. In addition, the interior of the new refrigerator will also adopt a series of humanized designs such as folding shelves and canned shelves, which will truly bring the most convenient use experience to users. The above functions are bound to solve the pain points of consumers and bring consumers new choices and experiences on high-end refrigerators.

As a family necessity, refrigerator has become one of the household members to improve the quality of life. In 2021, "recovery" became the key word of the refrigerator industry, and the development of high-end market also brought new opportunities to the refrigerator industry. Samsung's upcoming original imported family banquet series refrigerator is likely to make a strong debut in the "downstream" of the high-end refrigerator market and become the next "peak" in the high-end refrigerator market.fqj

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