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The commonly used car lights also have their own language. If you don’t understand, come and make up

The most basic and important thing about a vehicle is lighting, but do you know the lighting requirements for vehicles under national regulations? What is the purpose of the lights designed by the vehicle at the factory? Today I will let you know about it

Vehicle lighting is divided into two categories: lighting and signaling. A simple example is that headlights and reading lights are used for lighting purposes. Turn signals and reversing lights are used to tell people that I want to turn or reverse. , which belongs to the signal class. For specific categories, please see the table below:

The commonly used car lights also have their own language. If you don’t understand, come and make up 1

One thing to note here is that the front fog lights belong to the lighting category, but the rear fog lights belong to the signaling category. Strictly speaking, reversing lights belong to both the lighting category and the signaling category, because at night, the reversing lights increase the lighting behind the reversing car, but through the reversing lights, the rear vehicles get a signal, and the front vehicle is reversing. At this time, it is necessary to Notice.

At this point, we know the classification of vehicle lamps.

So what are the requirements for vehicle lighting?

For simplicity, a comprehensive diagram is used.

The commonly used car lights also have their own language. If you don’t understand, come and make up 2

High beam: A lamp used to illuminate a long distance ahead of the vehicle.

Low beam: A lamp used to illuminate the road ahead of a vehicle without causing dazzling or discomfort to oncoming drivers and other road users.

In the early days, the light sources used for the high and low beams of vehicles were all halogen lamps. Halogen lamps have a simple structure, low price, acceptable brightness, soft and uniform light. Due to their low color temperature, they have better light penetration in bad weather such as rain and snow. However, its lifespan is short, and due to its low color temperature, its lighting effect is relatively poor in good weather.

With the advancement of science and technology, xenon lamps have evolved to xenon lamps. For more than seconds, the high beam cannot flash.

The latest ones have adopted LED. LED car lights have high brightness, long service life, stable performance, quick startup and energy saving. The disadvantage is that the current manufacturing technology is not as stable as halogen lamps and xenon lamps, the cost is higher, and heat dissipation failures are prone to occur, resulting in a shortened service life of the lamps.

The commonly used car lights also have their own language. If you don’t understand, come and make up 3

Front fog lamp: used to improve road lighting in rain, fog, snow, or dust conditions. The country does not mandate the installation of front fog lamps. Therefore, in the field of passenger cars, low-end vehicles often do not have fog lamps. Commercial trucks are often equipped with halogen lamps for high and low beams, and front fog lamps are often equipped as supplementary lighting. .

The fog lamp installation requirements are that the installation height above the ground should not be less than 250mm, and the distance from the outer end of the vehicle should not be greater than 400mm. Should be installed under low beam headlights.

Rear fog lamp: A lamp that makes the vehicle more conspicuous when viewed from behind the vehicle in rainy and foggy weather. The rear fog lamp is a mandatory component required by the state.

Usually we can see that passenger cars imported into China will have rear fog lamps modified before passing customs, because rear fog lamps are not a mandatory component in some foreign countries. When imported into China, in order to comply with regulatory requirements, rear fog lamps are often modified. Install an obtrusive rear fog light.

Installation requirements: minimum height from the ground 250mm, maximum 1000mm. The distance between the rear fog light and the brake light is greater than 100mm. When a vehicle is equipped with a fog light, our country follows the right-side traffic principle. When a single fog light is used, it must be installed on the left side.

There are also requirements for turning on the lights. The rear fog lights can only be turned on when the high and low beams or the front fog lights are turned on. However, the rear fog lights can be switched off independently of the other light clusters.

Reversing lights: Lights that illuminate the road behind a vehicle and warn other road users that the vehicle is reversing or is about to reverse. The installation requirements are similar to those of rear fog lights. Single lights must be installed on the left side. The minimum installation height from the ground is 250mm and the maximum is 1200mm

The commonly used car lights also have their own language. If you don’t understand, come and make up 4

License plate lamp: A lamp used to illuminate the rear license plate of a vehicle. The light cannot cause any obvious change in the color of the license plate plate. The national mandatory requirement for license plate lights is mainly to prevent vehicles from accidents or other emergencies. If there is no license plate light and you want to identify the vehicle by the license plate number, it will change. Very difficult.

The above introduces the legal lamps stipulated by national laws. Some car enthusiasts may say that these lights are designed by the manufacturer at the beginning of vehicle design. I would like to learn how to use lights in various scenarios in driving schools and books.

This knowledge can only be viewed as trivial knowledge and has little to do with us. In fact, it is not the case. These lighting designs are closely related to our daily safety.

In the field of trucks, it is very common to illegally modify vehicle lighting. Front spotlights and waist lights are installed illegally on the sides. Although such modifications increase the lighting of the vehicle while driving, it also improves the driving lighting conditions of the vehicle to a certain extent. However, it is an illegal modification, which affects the sight of other road participants and increases the degree of road danger.

What to do? You can increase the lighting range by modifying fog lamps, and modify high and low beam xenon lamps and LED lamps, which not only complies with laws and regulations, but also improves the lighting of the vehicle.

Now that we are talking about lights, in addition to lighting, lights can also be used for communication. I don’t know if you all understand the language of car lights.

What is car language? People communicate by language, and cars need headlights to communicate with each other.

The commonly used car lights also have their own language. If you don’t understand, come and make up 5

Flash the high beam: remind the vehicle in front that the green light is on

Many times when waiting for a car at an intersection, the light has turned green but the car in front has not moved. Although the horn is the most direct, but when encountering road sections where honking is prohibited or other situations where honking is not allowed, just flash the headlights as a reminder.

The high beam flashes twice: at night, remind the other party to turn off the high beam.

What should you do if you turn on high beam while driving at night? It's very simple. I flash my headlights twice to remind the other party that they have hit me. If the other party does not respond, you should slow down and turn on double flashes and drive slowly to avoid blind spots caused by high beam dazzling.

High beam flashes three times: alerting the vehicle ahead that there is a problem.

When you encounter a vehicle with a breakdown or other driving hazards on the road, such as a flat tire or spilled cargo, blindly honking the horn to remind you may not be effective. At this time, it will flash three times to indicate a reminder.

High beam flashes several times: indicating disagreement or dissatisfaction.

For example, if a vehicle is forced to merge on the road, the headlights will flash once to indicate agreement, and the headlights will flash several times in succession to indicate disagreement.

When driving and merging, we are actually on the road every day. Anyone who is not in a hurry can just give in if the car changes lanes. You can't just flash the headlights a few times.

Double flash three times: If you encounter a situation where you are about to merge, and the other party shows courtesy, how can you express your gratitude in the language of lights? The vehicle has already moved forward at this time. At this time, you can press the double flash switch to make the double flashes three times to express gratitude.

Warning that the vehicle behind you is following the car too closely: If the vehicle behind you is following the car too closely, which makes you feel that there is a safety hazard, you can continuously lightly apply the brakes to make the rear brake lights flash continuously to remind you that the car behind you is following the car too closely.

Travel in a civilized manner, use lights legally and rationally, and create a more civilized and harmonious traffic environment. (Text/Kajia No.: Airbus 007)

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