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The editor tells you how to reasonably upgrade your car lights

As the times progress, the weather becomes more and more severe, and people's requirements for the use of car lights are gradually increasing. The car lights of most car models are halogen lamps from the factory, and more than 60% of traffic accidents occur at night or when the weather conditions are poor. The illumination distance of halogen lamps is short, so they are used at night and when the weather conditions are poor. The effect will be greatly reduced. At this time, the driver's field of vision is seriously affected. When the car is driving at high speed, it is not only a challenge to the driver's eyes, but also a challenge to the driver's spirit. Over time, Drivers are prone to visual fatigue and distraction, which greatly increases the chance of traffic accidents. Moreover, if the human eye is exposed to yellowish lighting for a long time, the sensitivity of the human eye to sudden accidents will even decrease by 60% after fatigue. Many nighttime traffic accidents are caused by the inability of car owners to brake in time to avoid the accident. The reason is that the traditional halogen headlights do not illuminate far enough and the car owners cannot clearly see the road conditions ahead.

The arrival of the xenon lamp era has solved this problem, but the issue of how to upgrade xenon lamps has become an urgent concern for car owners.

Today, the editor will take the Gaoqi car as an example to explain in detail how to upgrade car lights correctly and reasonably.

Upgrade method one: add lenses + xenon bulbs + ballast to the original car lights

This upgrade method is currently the most mature and most commonly used method. Because this upgrade method is suitable for all models. Some car owners may not know much about what the lens is used for? The lens focuses the light from the xenon bulb. So what is a bifocal lens? There is a light-changing dial inside the lens, which allows it to have high-beam and low-beam functions at the same time. Another powerful function of the bifocal lens is that the low beam light emitted is tangential, and the position of the tangential adjustment is generally low on the left and high on the right. In this way, it is convenient for you to see the road without affecting the road. The driver on the other side was driving normally.

The editor tells you how to reasonably upgrade your car lights 1

Original car low beam VS upgraded low beam

The editor tells you how to reasonably upgrade your car lights 2

Original car high beam VS upgraded high beam

Upgrade method two: Replace the headlight assembly

I think everyone is familiar with the headlight assembly. To put it bluntly, it is a whole car light. It's just that it looks more beautiful than the original car's headlights. The assembly is also equipped with bifocal lenses and xenon lamps. Some models also have full-LED headlight assemblies, which are generally found on high-end models and can be replaced.

The editor tells you how to reasonably upgrade your car lights 3

Original car left headlight VS upgraded left headlight

The editor tells you how to reasonably upgrade your car lights 4

Original car right headlight VS upgraded right headlight

The editor tells you how to reasonably upgrade your car lights 5

Original car lights VS upgraded lights

This is why Gaoqi is used as an example, because the changes in Gaoqi after the assembly is replaced are the most intuitive and dazzling.

Upgrade method three: Upgrade based on the assembly (only applicable to xenon headlight assembly)

Some riders may ask, the assembly already has a lens, what else can be upgraded? There are several types of lenses: Q5, Hella 5 and Hella 6 lenses (which are more common on the market currently). The Q5 lens is generally used in the assembly. The Q5 lens is better at low beam, but not at long range. The light quality is relatively poor, and Hella 5 and Hella 6 lenses are all-purpose lenses. If you have special needs for lighting, you can also upgrade it in this way.

Reasonable and scientific use of lighting not only facilitates yourself but also facilitates others.

Finally, Yongcheng wishes everyone a happy life.

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