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The headlight light is too low. Teach you how to adjust the light height.

The headlight light is too low. Teach you how to adjust the light height. 1

Beep beep beep, a car driving slowly from the opposite side can completely blind your eyes, seriously affecting your driving vision. Hey, will my car lights also have such an impact on others? No, I have to take a look. Safety must come first while driving. Today, lets talk about car light height adjustment, which is responsible for the driving safety of you, me and him.

Why do you need to adjust the headlight height?

Question: Isnt the headlight height adjustment set at the factory? Is it necessary to install a headlight height adjustment function in the car? Never adjusted?

The headlight light is too low. Teach you how to adjust the light height. 2

Answer: Headlight height adjustment means that the headlights can adjust the illumination height of the light. This function plays a vital role in our driving. There may be some car owners who are not clear about the adjustment standards of car headlights. I wonder if you are one of them!

There are 4 levels of headlight height adjustment in our car. So if you usually drive your car out, are you also confused about when to use which gear

Heres the trick: Since the cars posture is not fixed, when people sit in the front and rear seats or heavy items are placed on the trunk, the car will be in a non-horizontal position due to changes in the suspension stroke. The relative position of the headlight illumination height and the car body will change, which requires the headlight height to be appropriately adjusted to achieve driving safety when the vehicle changes the body level, especially at night.

How to adjust headlight height

The headlight height adjustment switch can adjust the height of the headlights for high and low beams.

There are four gears: "0", "1", "2", and "3".

The headlight height adjustment knob is located on the lower left side of the steering wheel

The height of the headlights can be adjusted with this knob

The lower the corresponding number on the knob, the higher the illumination height and the farther the illumination distance.

(Adjust to "0" to indicate the high light position, to "3" to indicate the lowest light position.

When you feel that the low beam light is short (near), you can appropriately increase the height of the cutoff line of the light.

When adjusting, the illumination heights of the low beam and high beam will move simultaneously. It is normal to hear the sound of the motor at this time. Since regulations limit the height of light illumination, the height of illumination cannot be too high.

Note: The dimming motor will only work when the low beam is turned on; if you want to observe the changes in the light in each gear, you can shine the light on the lamp wall to observe the height changes of the light.

How to reasonably adjust the height of headlights

According to the vehicle load, the height position of the headlight adjustment is matched.

Please set the knob position according to the load status:

0: There are people in the front seat of the car and the trunk is empty.

1: The car is full and the suitcase is empty.

2: The car is full and the suitcase is full.

3: The car only has the driver and the trunk is fully loaded


When adjusted, the low beam and high beam will move at the same time.

It is normal to hear the sound of the motor working during adjustment.

Since regulations limit the lighting height, the lighting height cannot be too high.

Excessive light illumination can easily affect the driving vision of the vehicle in front or the opposite direction, causing dazzling and danger.

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