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The headlight system also adopts a lower power design

As a popular SUV model among consumers, Tanyue's headlight system technology has won a certain reputation in the domestic market. With the continuous advancement of automotive technology, Tanyue headlight system technology is also constantly innovating and developing to provide drivers with better driving safety and comfort experience. Innovative headlight lighting technology Tanyue's headlight system uses the latest LED lighting technology, which has the advantages of high brightness, low energy consumption, and long life. LED headlights can better provide high and low beam switching functions, allowing drivers to see road conditions more clearly when driving at night and improving driving safety. Intelligent driving assistance function The Tanyue headlight system also integrates intelligent driving assistance function, which can automatically adjust the brightness and angle of the light through the front camera and sensor. According to changes in the driving environment, the headlight system can automatically adjust the lighting range and angle to improve the safety and convenience of driving at night. Multiple lighting modes are optional. The Tanyue headlight system also supports switching between multiple lighting modes, such as city mode, high-speed mode, and fog mode. According to different driving environments and weather conditions, drivers can choose appropriate lighting modes to improve driving safety and driving comfort. Environmentally friendly and energy-saving design concept Tanyue’s headlight system also pays attention to environmental protection and energy-saving in design. LED headlights not only use electrical energy more efficiently, but also have a longer service life and reduce environmental pollution. At the same time, the headlight system also adopts a lower power design, which reduces the energy consumption of the vehicle and meets the energy-saving requirements of the times.

The headlight system also adopts a lower power design 1

The headlight system also adopts a lower power design 2

The headlight system also adopts a lower power design 3

The headlight system also adopts a lower power design 4

The headlight system also adopts a lower power design 5

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