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The ideal collided with Weilai, and the ideal spontaneously ignited

Some time ago, according to media reports, an Ideal ONE rear-ended a Weilai EC6 and spontaneously ignited on the highway!

The ideal collided with Weilai, and the ideal spontaneously ignited 1

Judging from the pictures, both cars suffered varying degrees of damage after the collision. The rear of the Weilai EC6 was seriously damaged and deformed, the rear trunk glass was broken, one side of the bumper was dented, and the taillights were cracked, while the front of the Ideal ONE was on fire. The front engine room was severely burned, and it was likely to spread to the entire body. Fortunately, both drivers and passengers were not seriously injured, and the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Ideal Weilai are both the top students of the new car-making force, and the two parties have always been very tight in terms of sales. In this accident, Ideal spontaneously ignited after the two cars collided, which was undoubtedly a loud slap in the face to Ideal. You must know that in October, the sales of Lideal ONE was 7,649 units, beating the 921 units of NIO EC6.

The ideal collided with Weilai, and the ideal spontaneously ignited 2

At present, Ideal official has not made any response to this incident, but on the Ideal APP, there is a revelation from someone who claims to be an Ideal car owner. After the incident was posted on the Ideal APP, it was "harmony", and then some big Vs in many industries did not speak out. Making the whole incident confusing. Why did Ideal catch fire after a rear-end collision? Is it a quality issue with the car?

Regarding the safety issue of Ideal Car, Ideal ONE rear-ended a semi-trailer at a speed of 40km/h. As a result, the front grille was damaged, the front windshield was shattered, the headlights were knocked off, and the tires and wheels also suffered relatively large damage. In such a strong collision, the airbag of Ideal ONE did not pop up. Coupled with this spontaneous combustion, it not only makes people question the safety issues of Ideal ONE. As Ideal’s flagship product with the best sales, is Ideal ONE really safe?

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