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The Installation and Arrangement of High Pole Lamps Cannot Be Determined Carelessly

The use of high pole lamps is generally very high, so the installation and arrangement of high pole lamps cannot be determined carelessly. The installation of high pole lamps shall be arranged according to the characteristics of local roads and places and lighting requirements. The main layout methods include single side, cross lights on both sides, T-junction lights, intersection lights and bend lights.

When the width of the road is less than 15m on the road that is not wide or the road with low lighting requirements, the LED high pole lamp should be arranged on one side, so that the 15m road can not only have appropriate brightness, but also show a clear picture of the road traffic situation, and save energy and investment cost. When the road lighting requirements are high or the road width is greater than 15m, the way of light distribution on both sides or cross light distribution shall be adopted, so that the outdoor high pole lamp can provide comprehensive lighting without blind area.

For T-junctions and intersections, as well as some curves, an appropriate amount of one or two more high pole lamps can be added, or placed on the outside of the curve, so as not to cause pressure on the traffic. The support arm of the high pole lamp should not exceed one fourth of the height, and the elevation angle of the lamp should be kept below 15 .

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The Installation and Arrangement of High Pole Lamps Cannot Be Determined Carelessly 1

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