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The new EC6 smart multi-beam headlights “light up” your driving mood

The new EC6 aims to bring a pleasant travel experience to life inspiration explorers. It comes standard with smart multi-beam headlights, which adopt a pure one-piece design and have three lighting modules from top to bottom, namely low beam, multi-beam ADB module and fog/corner lights.

With the support of lidar, combined with forward-looking cameras and millimeter-wave radar, ADB intelligent multi-beam headlights can automatically detect road conditions and guide the lighting system to achieve precise beam distribution. No matter you encounter various common driving scenes such as low-speed towns, urban roads, highways, turns, etc., it can intelligently provide a variety of adaptive light patterns to ensure accurate lighting in multiple scenes.

For example, when meeting and following another car, the ADB module automatically and accurately turns off part of the high-beam beam according to the road conditions, ensuring that the road is clearly illuminated while being considerate and not "dazzling" the eyes of the driver of the meeting car. This intelligent and considerate operation "lightens" everyone's good mood while driving!

The new EC6 smart multi-beam headlights “light up” your driving mood 1

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