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These unique car headlights

Everyone knows that LED daytime running lights are an indispensable configuration for models currently on sale. Of course, if your model is too cheap, you may not have this configuration.

These unique car headlights 1

Why do cars need daytime running lights? Daytime running lights first appeared in Sweden, and the translated meaning is probably "perception light" or "notification light". Therefore, the daytime running lights are not used for lighting, but as a signal light to draw others' attention to you.

These unique car headlights 2

Is this daytime running light useful? A survey by the German traffic control department showed that driving lights during the day reduced traffic accidents by 3%.

These unique car headlights 3

Of course, turning on headlights during the day can easily be interpreted as "crazy" in China, so there are daytime running lights with lower energy consumption. Through this daytime running light, major car brands have exerted their ultimate imagination in styling design. Let’s take a look at these unforgettable daytime running light designs.

These unique car headlights 4

Through type

Ideal ONE, Changan CS75 PLUS

These unique car headlights 5

You’ve seen through-type taillights, but have you seen through-type daytime running lights? As a rising star in the domestic electric vehicle ranks, the Ideal ONE model adopts this avant-garde design. Isn’t it futuristic?

These unique car headlights 6

In addition to the avant-garde Ideal ONE, Changan CS75PLUS also uses this kind of through-type daytime running lights. Is this design a bit like "RoboCop"?

These unique car headlights 7

tearful eyes

Peugeot 508L, Cadillac series

These unique car headlights 8

There are horizontal and vertical ones. This kind of vertical tear-eye-style daytime running light design must be seen by friends often. Isn’t the signature design of the American luxury brand Cadillac very visually impactful?

These unique car headlights 9

There is also the "scar face" of the Peugeot 508L. Although they are all vertically designed, the shape of the daytime running lights of the 508L is more domineering and leaky, giving people an unforgettable look.

These unique car headlights 10

Matrix Audi

These unique car headlights 11

How can we talk about car lights without talking about lamp factories? Audi's daytime running light design is always one step ahead, and the daytime running light design of all levels of models is also very layered.

It looks good, but Audi brand car lights are not cheap. For example, the two headlights of the A6L are worth close to 100,000 yuan, so those who buy Audi must pay attention to their car lights.

corrugated mercedes

These unique car headlights 12

Compared with Audi's daytime running light design, the daytime running light design of Mercedes-Benz brand models is relatively simple, and the corrugated design also echoes the elegant brand definition of Mercedes-Benz.

These unique car headlights 13

How to distinguish C-class from E-class and S-class? Looking at the daytime running lights, there are one for the C-class, two for the E-class, and three for the S-class.

These unique car headlights 14

angel eyes bmw

These unique car headlights 15

The BBA brand’s daytime running light design is the most meaningful of the BMW brand. The former eagle eye to the current angel eye shape can be said to be seamlessly connected and inherited just right. Moreover, whether it is day or night, this daytime running light design is highly recognizable.

These unique car headlights 16

Although BMW's daytime running lights are well designed, the "big nostrils" are also a hurdle that many car fans can't get over.

Quake Volvo

These unique car headlights 17

If you want to ask who has the most powerful design of daytime running lights, it has to be Volvo. The shape of the Thor's Hammer daytime running lights is full of power and echoes the taillight design of the Viking Ax. Isn't it very imposing? .

This powerful design is also consistent with Volvo's safety performance. Isn't it very "rigid"?

nike style lexus

These unique car headlights 18

The Lexus brand has always been known for its craftsmanship, quality and unique luxury design. Even the design of this daytime running light is quite sophisticated, but the shape of this daytime running light is also easily reminiscent of the world-renowned sports brand Nike.

These unique car headlights 19

After seeing the daytime running light designs of so many major brands, which style do you like?

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