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Things you should know about car light modifications

Things you should know about car light modifications 1

Q: Will the LED light hurt my eyes if it is too bright?

Answer: Dingyi LED has 360-degree dimmable patented technology and is currently the only LED headlight that is compatible with light types with and without lens assembly. The brightness of LED is 3-5 times that of ordinary halogen lamps. It is relatively bright, but the glare (dazzling) can be divided into two situations. First, the original car comes with a lens, while Dingyi LED lamps can be installed in the assembly with a lens. The upper light emits a perfect light pattern without changing its fixed illumination angle or dazzling. The second type is without a lens. The original car has a light shape structure designed based on the halogen lamp. Dingyi LED can be adjusted 360 degrees. Light, there will be no glare when installed in place.

Question: The penetration power of white light is not enough. Is there any problem at night or on rainy days?

Answer: The chances of driving on rainy days are relatively small. Even on rainy days, with assistance such as fog lights, the field of vision will not be bad. In addition, we have 3000K and color-changing temperature products to choose from. In rainy and foggy weather, use yellow light 3000K, and in sunny days, use white light 6000K.

Q: Will you be investigated by the traffic police after replacing your LED car lights? Does it meet the DMV crossing requirements?

First of all, we must use lights in a civilized manner. Generally, traffic police comrades will not check them. In addition, LED installations that are non-destructive cannot be checked. At present, our customers have not reported being checked by the traffic police after installing them. LED lighting is a key national support project.

Q: Is it easy to install? Do you need to change the original bus route?

Answer: The installation is easy and more than 90% can be installed without damage. It is similar to replacing a halogen lamp without changing the original car wiring.

Question: Is the heat dissipation good? Can the heat be dissipated by closing the back cover (sealed)?

Answer: The heat dissipation is good. We adopt a double heat dissipation structure and an off-axis double heat conduction core technology, which is the first of its kind in China.

The heat dissipation has double insurance, the fan actively dissipates heat and the chip passive heat dissipation. Car headlights are not completely sealed. Generally, a [waterproof, dustproof, anti-fog breathable respirator] is designed at the rear of the headlight, an area that is not prone to water intrusion, commonly known as: "breathable valve". We use a dual heat dissipation structure. The fan blowing and chip heat dissipation can fully dissipate heat in the sealed space, which can better accelerate the exchange and convection between the internal air of the assembly and the external air. Covering the back cover also dissipates heat. Very OK.

Question: The assembly of some models is not deep enough, and the LED tail cannot be fixed when it reaches the original car dust cover. How to solve the problem? How to avoid dust and waterproofing?

Answer: There are a small number of car assemblies on the market that are not deep enough, and the LEDs cannot all sink into the light holes of the assembly. You need to install the DIY dust cover delivered with the product, which can be stretched, opened, or shrunk and squeezed, etc. Various ways to install. It is very simple to avoid the problems of moisture and dust. As long as the DIY dust cover controls the opening of the light hole to the outside world, moisture and dust will not enter.

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