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Three minutes to help you understand the problem of car light fogging

Fogging of car lights is very common in daily use of cars, especially with the widespread use of LED light sources and the diversified shapes of car lights. During the rainy season or after washing the car, you will find varying degrees of fogging.

Structurally speaking, almost all headlights will have a ventilation part on the light body. This part will be sealed with a vent tube and a vent film. The function of this type of product is to remove the heat generated after the headlight is turned on and maintain the normal operating temperature of the headlight. It is precisely because of the existence of this ventilation part that the moisture in the humid air will adhere to the inner surface of the lampshade, forming a layer of water mist. When the temperature difference is large, a large amount of accumulated water vapor will flow down the lampshade to form some accumulated water. . In other words, the accumulation of water in the headlight does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with the sealing of the headlight. It is also normal when the temperature difference is large.

In this case, generally within twenty minutes after turning on the headlights, the fog will be evaporated by the heat energy produced by the headlights or be discharged through the ventilation part along with the heat wave. This normal water mist will generally not cause damage to the headlight circuit or bulb. In addition to the temperature difference, if the water is not completely dried or drained after wading, washing the car, or cleaning the engine compartment, the water may enter the headlights through the ventilation parts. For the above situations, it is generally not necessary to If you need to do special treatment, you can just ignore it. The water will naturally evaporate after turning on the headlights.

In addition, many car manufacturers now use anti-fog coating on the inside of the headlight housing to prevent the lights from fogging. The anti-fog coating was jointly developed by NOF Co., Ltd. and Japan's Koito. Currently, the anti-fog coatings used more frequently on the market include NOF Co., Ltd., Japan's Fujikura Chemical and South Korea's KCC. However, Mr. Pelican talked with industry professionals and found that if the headlight sealant is not properly selected, it will destroy the performance of the anti-fog coating. Of course, the choice of products lies with the car lighting factory. For us car owners, we can only take a look and not say anything. If you are a modification expert, then Pelican recommends that you use Chengdu Sibao’s new anti-fog coating special car light glue. At this auto lighting show, Sibao also launched this product grandly, surpassing imported brands and becoming the first manufacturer in the industry to have this type of glue. Here, give our national brand a thumbs up! ! !

Three minutes to help you understand the problem of car light fogging 1

If after encountering water, it is found that the amount of water in the headlight obviously exceeds the standard, forming a large amount of water, this situation can basically be judged to be a problem with the headlight seal, either the headlight cover or the back cover is damaged, or the lamp cover and the back cover are damaged. The sealing strips except the problem. In this case, you need to remove the headlight assembly and carefully check whether the lampshade, back cover, and vent pipe are damaged. After confirming that there is no damage, it is recommended to peel off the lampshade and the assembly, dry them separately, and then reseal them. As far as Pelican Jun knows, repair shops or 4S cannot provide the service of separately replacing the back cover or lampshade. When the lampshade or back cover is damaged, the assembly is usually replaced directly.

Pelican Jun has a tip for car owners here. You can buy a few packs of industrial desiccant, put double-sided tape on it and let the repair shop stick it to the inside of the back cover. Using this method can also greatly reduce fogging of car lights.

Three minutes to help you understand the problem of car light fogging 2

Three minutes to help you understand the problem of car light fogging 3

Three minutes to help you understand the problem of car light fogging 4

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that the best way is to turn on the headlights after fog appears in the headlights. You cannot directly use a dryer to bake the headlight masks. At present, most car lampshades on the market are made of plastic. If the baking temperature is too high, it will easily cause the headlights to age and turn yellow, or even crack when exposed to cold.

After a heavy rain or after washing the car, it is best to use a high-pressure air gun to blow into the corners of the engine compartment that are prone to moisture accumulation to speed up the air flow and take away the moisture accumulated in dark corners. In addition, it is strongly not recommended that you directly use a high-pressure water gun to flush the engine compartment. This will make it difficult to remove the water, and it will easily cause the headlights to fog up or water to enter.

(Text: Mr. Pelican, WeChat public account: Pelican Loves Cars)

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