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Tips for using car lights, do you know these light words? ——Yancheng Car Vision

The seemingly simple car lights contain a lot of knowledge. When vehicles are driving on the road, how to use the lights correctly is very important. Although some friends can drive, the use of some lights is not very clear. , let’s talk to you about the use of car lights.

First of all, let’s talk about the high and low beams. Everyone knows that the lights should be turned on when it is dark, and the low beams should also be turned on when the light is not good. Many friends often ignore this, such as in rainy, foggy or snowy days. Everyone should turn on the low beam headlights in time, on the one hand, so that they can see the road situation clearly, and on the other hand, it can allow other vehicles to see themselves better. For those friends who don’t turn on the lights when driving at night, we use the rear view It is difficult to see them in the mirror, and dangerous situations can easily occur.

Tips for using car lights, do you know these light words? ——Yancheng Car Vision 1

Some drivers have to wait until they can't see clearly to turn on the lights. This habit is not advisable. It is very dangerous. You should turn on the low beam headlights as early as possible, and turning on the lights later will not save much fuel. Compared with driving In terms of safety, it’s worth spending more fuel and more electricity.

If your vehicle is not equipped with diary running lights, you can turn on the dipped headlights as early as possible when driving on the highway. This will allow the vehicle in front to spot you faster through the rearview mirror, which will make it easier to overtake and change lanes. In terms of safety, it has become a rule in many places abroad that lights must be turned on on highways. Although we have not clearly stipulated it, we should do it as safely as possible. Nowadays, new models are basically designed with diary running lights to improve safety.

Let’s talk about the use of high beams. In fact, high beams are also very important. If used incorrectly, it can easily cause accidents. For example, when we drive in a tunnel in front of us and the road surface cannot be clearly seen, we can turn on the high beam lighting, but If a pedestrian or vehicle suddenly comes in front, you should switch to low beam in time, so as to avoid dazzling the eyes of the drivers of other vehicles, because everyone knows that when the high beam is illuminated, the eyes will be bright and you will not be able to see for a long time. clear.

If there is a vehicle in front of you when following a car, you must switch to low beam headlights in time, otherwise its reflectors will be very dazzling and dazzling. The principle of using high beam is that you should switch to low beam mode when seeing people or cars. This will ensure everyone's safety.

Tips for using car lights, do you know these light words? ——Yancheng Car Vision 2

After talking about the high and low beams, let’s talk about the fog lights. We all know that fog lights should be used in foggy weather. The main function of turning on the fog lights is to allow other vehicles to see clearly. In other situations, it is recommended not to turn on the front and rear fog lights at will. Especially the rear fog light is very powerful and will be very dazzling when turned on.

Do not turn on the double flashing lights at will. During big fish weather, some drivers like to turn on the double flashing lights. His intention may be to improve driving safety and turn on all the lights to let others know that I am here, don’t hit me. Yes, turning on the double flashers will make it more difficult for the car behind you to judge whether you will change lanes at any time, which will easily cause the risk of scratching.

Finally, let’s talk about lantern language

Cars and car homes rely on lights and horns to communicate information. If lights are abused, they will cause emotional fluctuations in other vehicles, easily causing anger and posing safety risks.

Flash the high beam

On a relatively narrow road, if only one car can pass, you can flash your high beam to signal the other car to go first.

High beam flashes 2 times

When meeting cars at night, if the other party turns on the high beam, you can flash the high beam twice to remind the other party. If the other party does not understand your signal and continues to turn on the high beam, then you should reduce the speed in time. , ensure driving safety.

High beam flashes 3 times

If you find that the car behind you flashes its high beam three times in a row, you should pay attention to check whether there is any problem with the car, such as the tires or the door is not closed properly. However, many people will not remind you of current driving habits, and it can easily lead to misunderstandings. If a car hits you from behind, don't get angry and check to see if there is anything wrong with your car.

High beam flashes continuously

In this case, it is a warning to other vehicles that there are serious dangers in other places in front of them. At this time, you must pay attention. You should slow down and drive carefully in time.

Tips for using car lights, do you know these light words? ——Yancheng Car Vision 3

The above is the usage skills of car lights and related content about light language knowledge compiled by the editor of Yancheng Automobile Lamp Retrofitting for you.

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