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Turning skills and how to use fog lights1

Turning skills and how to use fog lights1 1

When driving, turning is a major test of driving skills. In fact, there are skills for everything, and mastering certain skills is actually a shortcut. So, have you mastered the following turning skills? Especially for a large SUV like the Lanjing, cornering is even more inconvenient.

How to handle turns when there is a steep slope?

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Turning skills and how to use fog lights1 2

I travel a lot on urban roads, and occasionally I go to the mountains to play. I am really scared to death when encountering steep turns. The risk factor of steep turns is very high. How can I drive safely? Pay attention to the following situations:

1. Downshift slowly: When we are about to enter the slope, in addition to slowing down the vehicle speed, we also need to shift the gear into a low gear.

2. Honk the horn: Because most steep turns are on mountain roads, it is difficult to see whether there is a car coming from the opposite side, so be sure to honk the horn for a long time before turning to tell the driver on the opposite side that a car is passing by to avoid a collision.

3. Arrive in one step: It is most taboo to reverse and then turn midway when turning on a steep slope, so when turning, try to reach the vehicle in one step to avoid accidents.

Nowadays, large SUVs are equipped with steep slope descent function, and Lanjing high-end models are equipped with it.

How to handle turns in blind spots when entering or exiting residential areas?

There are not only many cars in the community, but also many elderly people and children, so car owners must pay attention when entering and exiting the community.

1. Drive slowly and observe more: First, slow down in advance and observe the surrounding situation. There are often elderly people walking and children playing in the community. At the same time, the roads in the community are relatively narrow and there are various debris piled up on the roadside, which will affect the drivers driving vision. Because of being restricted, drivers should try to slow down and keep a distance from piles of debris to avoid stray cats, dogs or children from appearing suddenly.

2. Tips for turning: When turning, the driver should sound the horn in advance to remind residents to pay attention to the driving rules of the community: first, slow, second, look and pass.

How to deal with driving at normal highway intersections?

When turning left or right at an intersection, the driver must turn on the turn signal.

1. Turn left: When turning left, in addition to changing lanes in advance and turning on the turn signal, when waiting to turn, drive as close to the center of the road as possible to facilitate the passage of vehicles behind you.

2. Turn right: When turning right, in addition to merging to the outside lane in advance, you must also turn on the right turn signal to alert pedestrians on the roadside. When turning right, drive slowly and pay attention to the influence of the inner wheel differential when turning to avoid hitting pedestrians.

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How to handle turns in special weather?

1. Rain, snow, ice and mud: When encountering rain or snow, you must be careful not to turn the steering wheel sharply or apply the brakes. You must use the traction resistance of the engine in advance to reduce the vehicle speed and avoid sideslip and rollover.

2. Fog and haze days: Visibility in foggy and hazy days is low. When driving, you need to slow down and turn on the turn signal in advance when turning left and right. In severe cases, you can turn on the headlights during the day to improve driving vision.

When encountering bad weather on the highway, many drivers cant wait to turn on their double flashers. Many people even have such a mentality that they turn on the double flashing lights and think that they are the "privileged car" that attracts thousands of people's attention. They frequently merge and weave in the traffic flow at high speed in strong winds and heavy rains. We dont take the time to condemn this behavior, but there are three questions worth discussing: 1. Are double flashes suitable in rainy and foggy weather? 2. When the dual flashers are turned on but the fog lights are not turned on, when will the fog lights be turned on? 3. What should I do when changing lanes when double flash is activated?

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The double flashing lights are bright yellow, and the color is close to the fog lights of the past. It makes people feel that everything will be fine when driving it in rainy and foggy weather. In fact, the dual flashlights only look "conspicuous", and the actual effect is not comparable to fog lights at all. First of all, it is not specially designed like a fog lamp, and the light it emits is irregularly scattered like a taillight, rather than a regular radiation. Secondly, it is far less bright than fog lights.

What is the function of fog lights? Many drivers really cant answer. Heres a unified answer: 1. Supplement lighting in rainy and foggy weather; 2. Let people around you notice your presence. The first point is easy to understand, but many people are not aware of the second point. Therefore, the next few questions are: when to turn on fog lights and when not to turn on them.

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How to turn on fog lights?

After turning on the width lights, you can turn on the fog lights. Among them, the front fog lights can be turned on independently; the rear fog lights can only be turned on at the same time as the front fog lights and cannot be turned on independently. There are two main styles of fog light switches, push-button type and knob type.

1. Knob type fog light switch

The fog light switch itself is divided into two styles: one is integrated on the left lever (turn signal lever), and the other is independently set in the left area of the center console in the form of a knob.

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2. Push-button fog light switch

This kind of fog light switch is relatively common on American brands such as General Motors and Ford. The characteristic of this opening method is that it is easy to operate and the corresponding functions can be realized with one click. Lanjing fog lights are now touch-sensitive.

Summary: When you drive through dense fog or encounter heavy rain on the highway, the correct approach is to maintain a reasonable speed and turn on the low beam headlights and front and rear fog lights. In addition to making your own vision as good as possible, it also makes it easier for others. Aware of your presence and the distance between you. But be sure not to turn on the high beam. When the high beam shines in the fog, the white flowers will be more dangerous.

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