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Waterproof Treatment Method of Solar Garden Lamp Controller

In the actual use of solar garden lamp, some irresponsible manufacturers use relevant components with poor quality in order to reduce the cost, do not design according to the demand, and reduce the service standard of battery panel and battery, so there will be water in the controller. Therefore, Xiaobian puts forward a small method to improve the waterproof treatment of solar garden lamp controller.

Most of the controllers of LED solar garden lamps are installed in the lampshade and battery box, and generally there is no water inflow. However, due to improper installation or the circuit board of the controller is not treated with three anti paint, the rainwater will flow into the lighting solar garden lamp controller along the external wiring of the controller, resulting in a short circuit. Therefore, during construction, we should pay attention to bending and fixing the internal connecting wire of the controller terminal into a "U" shape, and the external connecting wire should also be fixed into a "U" shape to ensure that the controller will not be short circuited due to rain, or apply waterproof glue at the interface of the internal and external wires to prevent water.

The waterproof performance of the solar controller is good, so as to ensure the normal lighting work of the solar garden lamp and avoid the hidden safety hazards caused by short circuit caused by water inflow. Of course, choosing a good solar garden lamp manufacturer is also very important.

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Waterproof Treatment Method of Solar Garden Lamp Controller 1

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