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What are the differences between LED headlights and halogen headlights?

The main difference is the price and the principle. LED headlights are more expensive, but have high brightness, start quickly and are more stable, while halogen headlights are cost-effective and have strong penetration. It can be seen that the two actually complement each other. Mid- and low-end models use more halogen lamps, while high-end models often use LED headlights. Judging from the trend, it seems that LED headlights will become a new trend. More models will use LED headlights, and the price and cost will also slowly change, so when we buy a car, we can choose according to the actual use environment. .

What are the differences between LED headlights and halogen headlights? 1

In the configuration of the same model of the same brand, we can also see that some have LED headlights and some have halogen headlights. If you look carefully, you will find that in the configuration list, low-end models often use halogen headlights, while mid-range and high-end models often use LED headlights. Therefore, it can be seen that LED headlights are still a standard used by mid-to-high-end models. Matching is what we summarized earlier. After all, its price and cost are also here, and manufacturers cannot completely make sacrifices in these aspects.

What are the differences between LED headlights and halogen headlights? 2

Characteristics of LED headlights

LED headlights use LED light sources, which use semiconductor chips as the light source, and are characterized by fast light emission. Because the semiconductor chip directly converts electrical energy into light energy, the light is blue light. This kind of light source is brighter but has some shortcomings in penetration. Of course, this shortcoming is compared to the same type of halogen headlights. In addition, the color temperature of LED lights is above 5,000 K, and the cost is also more expensive.

What are the differences between LED headlights and halogen headlights? 3

What are the characteristics of halogen headlights

Price is the biggest advantage of halogen headlights, in addition to its greater penetrability. In addition, its color temperature is below 4,000 K, and its light is warm yellow. It uses the tungsten filament in the bulb to heat to generate light energy, so the speed will be relatively slower. There seems to be some shortcomings from an environmental protection point of view, but it still has great advantages when pursuing cost-effectiveness. After all, the difference between the two is not that obvious when it comes to using cars, and it is more of a psychological impact.

What are the differences between LED headlights and halogen headlights? 4

Comparison of LED headlights and halogen headlights

Two light sources with completely different principles. It is still difficult to draw a conclusion about which one is better and which one is worse. In fact, both LED headlights and halogen headlights have their own existence value, such as the pursuit of cost-effectiveness or the pursuit of high-quality light sources. In fact, apart from cost-effectiveness, LED lights still have natural advantages, so we see that some consumers will modify their halogen headlights and replace them with LED headlights, while few do the reverse, which is enough to show that. That's it.

What are the differences between LED headlights and halogen headlights? 5

Kind tips

When modifying light sources, especially headlights, pay attention to whether it will affect other circuits and whether it will exceed the limit. Generally, there is no problem with normal replacement. If the replacement will affect the normal driving of surrounding vehicles, then it may also face the problem of not passing the annual inspection.

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