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What are the methods for modifying and upgrading car lights in Chengdu?

Many car owners don’t know the various ways to modify their car lights. Today, Chengdu Lixi Car Lights will talk about several upgrade options. Reasonable modification of lighting in the Chengdu area will not affect the annual vehicle inspection, and no formalities are required. Each modification method has some precautions, which you can briefly understand.

What are the methods for modifying and upgrading car lights in Chengdu? 1

Chengdu Lixi car light modification plan

In general, there are three ways to upgrade car lights: the first is to directly replace the bulbs. Just choose the same halogen lamp, xenon lamp or LED bulb as the original car model. This replacement method is cheap, simple and fast, and many cars can be replaced by yourself. The disadvantage is that the quality varies and is easy to break frequently. After replacement, the light is not greatly improved and it is easy to produce black shadows and blind spots. The editor does not recommend replacing it like this. If you have the conditions, you can go to a physical store to test it for free. If the light does not go out after changing the bulb, then it is okay.

What are the methods for modifying and upgrading car lights in Chengdu? 2

Chengdu Lixi Gai Lighting Store Xenon LED Bulb

The second type is to modify the bifocal lens on the original car. There are three types of bifocal lenses: xenon lamp, LED and laser. This method is currently the most cost-effective and has the most modifications, and it is also the best in terms of effect and durability. The advantage of xenon lamp lens is that it is mature, stable and cheap; the disadvantage is that there is a delay in starting and the light attenuation is serious. The advantage of LED bifocal lens is that there is no delay in starting, the life span is 10 times that of xenon lamps, and the brightness and light uniformity are also better than xenon lamps; the disadvantage is that the price of big brands is slightly more expensive, and the requirements for heat dissipation and LED lamp beads are relatively high; laser headlights There are so many advantages that I won’t mention them all. They are brighter, faster to start and more durable. The disadvantage is that they are expensive.

What are the methods for modifying and upgrading car lights in Chengdu? 3

Chengdu Lixi car lights upgraded with bifocal lenses

The third way to modify the lights is to directly replace the entire headlight assembly: Generally, best-selling models have headlight assemblies from subsidiary manufacturers of various brands (some car enthusiasts call them copycats), with daytime running lights such as angel devil eyes. Due to cost issues, most of the lights in such assemblies use cheap lenses and light sets. The light transmittance is generally not good and the quality is generally not good. The service life is generally 2-3 years. If it breaks down later, the replacement cost is relatively high. If it is a high-end original assembly, the installation price is very expensive and involves problems such as decoding and wiring changes, and the brightness of the original lights is not very good. Generally, car owners rarely choose the original ones.

What are the methods for modifying and upgrading car lights in Chengdu? 4

Chengdu Lixi Gai Lighting Store LED low beam

No matter which method you choose to upgrade your headlights, Lixi Auto Lighting recommends that riders choose well-known brands and professional light modification shops. After all, the modification design of car lights involves circuits, and the headlights are also the only active safety equipment on the car. It is quite dangerous to suddenly not light up on the highway. Here we also remind car owners to use the high beams rationally after upgrading the lights and not to abuse the high beams.

What are the methods for modifying and upgrading car lights in Chengdu? 5

Chengdu Lixi car lights upgraded to LED lens high beam

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