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What aspects should be paid attention to when upgrading headlights? An experienced driver will tell

It rained yesterday after get off work. I drove my friend's car home. His car lights were not very bright. There was no message all the way back. I didn't dare to run too fast. When I returned the car to him, I suggested that he upgrade his car. lights, otherwise driving at night would be a great safety hazard.

What aspects should be paid attention to when upgrading headlights? An experienced driver will tell  1

Think about it, many friends want to upgrade their car lights, but they don’t know how to upgrade in the most cost-effective way. Now the veteran driver will tell you these points, and you will understand after reading them.

In order to pursue profits, many joint-venture brand cars on the market now have very low configurations for many cars priced under RMB 100,000 or even over RMB 100,000. In terms of car lights, they are equipped with reflective bowls and halogen bulbs. In this regard, independent brands seem to be more conscientious. Even models with a price of less than 100,000 yuan are basically equipped with a full range of LED headlights. Not to mention the brand and size of the lights, they are much brighter than a candle light at night. .

What aspects should be paid attention to when upgrading headlights? An experienced driver will tell  2

Therefore, many car owners want to upgrade their halogen lamps. So when we go to change the lamps, which one is better?

The more mainstream headlight types currently on the market include xenon headlights and LED headlights. Let me tell you about the characteristics of these two lights. After reading them, you can choose your own upgrade plan based on your car condition and budget.

What aspects should be paid attention to when upgrading headlights? An experienced driver will tell  3

In the past, many luxury cars were equipped with xenon headlights, but now fewer and fewer cars are equipped with xenon headlights. Because xenon headlights need to increase the voltage of the car to 30,000 volts before activating the inert gas to emit light, there will be a delay. When you start the car at night, you will find that the xenon headlights slowly reach their maximum brightness. . But now xenon headlights have improved a lot and the delay is very short. Xenon headlights have been around for many years, are very stable, and are relatively affordable. However, the lifespan is not as long as that of LED headlights, which is not as good as LED at all.

What aspects should be paid attention to when upgrading headlights? An experienced driver will tell  4

Compared with xenon headlights, LEDs consume less energy and are not bad at brightness. The most important thing is that they light up very quickly, with basically no delay and they light up instantly. However, LED headlights have a very fatal shortcoming: heat. If the heat dissipation is not good, it will greatly affect the life of the headlights. Therefore, LED headlight bulbs basically have a small fan behind them.

Many friends have asked, which kind of headlight should I upgrade? Comparing these two types of headlights, xenon headlights are relatively easy to upgrade and the price is relatively low, making them suitable for car owners with a lower budget who pursue cost-effectiveness. LED upgrades are relatively more expensive and troublesome, but they are much more upscale and have a much longer lifespan.

Therefore, it is recommended that if your car is an old car, or if you don’t want to invest too much time, energy and money in the car, you can choose xenon headlights. Firstly, the technology is relatively mature. Secondly, the delay of current brand xenon bulbs is also very short. The most important point is that it is cheap. You spend money to buy a pair of bulbs and then open the machine cover and remove the original bulbs yourself. Just replace it. My previous old car had its own lens, so I bought a pair of xenon bulbs to replace the original halogen bulbs. The brightness improved a lot, and I became more confident when driving at night.

If you have a new car and want to get it right in one step and have a relatively sufficient budget, you might as well upgrade to a set of lenses and LED headlights from a big brand. Because Led headlights generate a lot of heat, the quality of big brands is more reliable, and the matching of lenses and light brands is more perfect.

What aspects should be paid attention to when upgrading headlights? An experienced driver will tell  5

Having said this, I would like to emphasize that if your original car does not have a lens, you must install a lens when upgrading the LED headlights. If you replace it with an LED bulb without a lens, you will be hurting others and yourself on the road, because the LED headlights are relatively diffuse and do not focus the light. Not only can you not see clearly, but the driver in the opposite lane will also be blurred. I have met this kind of car owner on the road. He just replaced the original car's halogen bulb with a low-quality LED bulb for cheap, causing a large piece of the car to fall on the road. You flashed your light at him and he didn't even know it.

What aspects should be paid attention to when upgrading headlights? An experienced driver will tell  6

Finally, I would like to remind everyone of something very important. When upgrading your headlights, you must pay attention to the color temperature. The higher the color temperature, the better. Do not change the ultra-white light, because although the white light looks very bright, it gives you a feeling Very good, but the higher the color temperature, the worse the penetration. This kind of ultra-white light is basically equivalent to not turning on the lights in rainy and foggy weather, and has no penetration at all. Therefore, when choosing color temperature, it should be within the range of 4300K ​​to 6000K, not too high or too low. If it is high, it will be a bluish white light, which is not effective in rainy days. If it is low, it will be like a fog light, and the brightness is too poor. My previous car was upgraded to 5500k xenon headlights, which took into account both brightness and penetration. Let me give you a reference.

The above are my suggestions for everyone to change the headlights. If you still don’t understand anything, leave me a message below. If what you said is good, give me a like and follow it. Thank you everyone.

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