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What do the various "lantern languages" mean? How to use car lights scientifically

When the light switch is in the first position, all the instrument lights in the car will light up, and two small lights will also light up at the front and rear of the car. The brightness of these two lights is not very high, mainly so that the four corners of the car body can be seen. Generally, driving lights should be turned on when it is getting dark, on rainy days, or in dark places such as underground parking lots.

◆Low beam: basically rely on it at night

Use it when driving in the city at night. On the one hand, urban roads are illuminated by street lights. There is no need for high beams to illuminate the road in the distance. You only need to see the road conditions in front of the car. On the other hand, urban roads have a large traffic volume. If you turn on high beams, Not only does it dazzle the driver on the opposite side when meeting another car, but it also affects the sight of pedestrians on both sides of the road.

◆High beam: suitable for wilderness areas

It is suitable to use high-beam headlights in the wilderness or on roads without street lighting, but you should switch back to low-beam headlights when meeting other vehicles to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers. When the high beam is on, an eye-catching blue light will light up on the dashboard in the car as a reminder.

◆Turn signal: remember to use it when turning

The most basic purpose of the turn signal is to signal other vehicles and passers-by to turn when the vehicle is turning, so as to remind others to pay attention. Sometimes the turn signal can also serve as lighting in narrow places to allow the driver to observe obstacles on both sides. When the turn signals on both sides are turned on at the same time, they serve as a warning and a width indicator.

◆Fog lights: helper in bad weather

As the name suggests, fog lights are light signals used in heavy rain and foggy weather. Fog lights have stronger penetration in fog, making it easier for vehicles and pedestrians to notice them early.

◆Reversing lights: Reduce reversing blind spots

When reversing, a white reversing light will light up at the rear of the car. On the one hand, it can illuminate the road and obstacles at the rear of the car, reducing the blind spot when reversing. On the other hand, it can also serve as a reminder to pedestrians behind the car.

◆Check light bulbs and take precautions

During daily use and routine maintenance, car owners should pay attention to frequently check whether the night running lights, fog lights, brake lights, etc. are working normally. If the bulbs are found to be black, they should be replaced in time.

◆Carry light bulbs for backup

It is important for car owners to understand the manual, keep in mind the structure of light bulbs and sockets, and make preparations in advance to deal with temporary situations. Among various types of light bulbs, if possible, spare parts for brake lights and direction indicators should be prepared.

◆Determine the cause of fogging inside the lamp

If the lamp dust cover is cracked, rainwater may easily enter the lamp while driving and form water mist inside the lamp cover. Once water enters the car lights, the brightness will be affected, and the circuit plug may be corroded, causing damage to the car lights. At this time, the car owner can open the light dust cover and turn on the headlights. Ten minutes after turning on the headlights, the water mist in the headlights will begin to disappear, and it will disappear completely after one hour. If there is still water mist, go to a professional after-sales service station for treatment.

◆It is very particular to adjust the lighting

If necessary, car owners can appropriately adjust the height of the headlight beam according to the tips in the car owner's manual. Generally speaking, the right car light should be completely straight and horizontal, and the left car light should be raised 10 centimeters. The headlights should not be adjusted too high to avoid illuminating the eyes of oncoming drivers.

In addition, the width of the headlights can also be adjusted appropriately. It is recommended to adjust the right headlight beam slightly to the right, so that even in rainy and foggy days with low visibility, you can see the road on the right side more clearly. Only when carrying one person can the car lights be adjusted to be more balanced.

Due to the bumps of the car during driving, it is easy to cause short circuit and ignition between wiring and wiring, wiring and car body, and may also cause fire. Components such as car generator regulators can also cause fires if they malfunction.

If you are careless and throw cigarette butts that should be thrown into the ashtray on the carpet in the car, or leave a lighter on the dashboard to be exposed to the sun, it may cause a fire. Not only lighters, but also high-pressure filling gases such as fresheners and mosquito killers are afraid of high temperatures. In summer, the temperature inside the car can reach as high as 50 or 60 degrees under direct sunlight, which can easily cause them to explode. In addition, many farmers will throw straw and other items on the road in summer. If they get entangled in the exhaust pipe of a car, the high temperature of the exhaust pipe may ignite these flammable hay.

If you notice a burning smell or see smoke while driving, immediately stop the car in a safe place, turn off the power, tighten the handbrake, leave the vehicle, find out the cause, and put out the fire immediately if you find a fire. However, if the vehicle fire is severe, be sure not to try to put it out and stay away from it to prevent the vehicle's fuel tank from exploding.

If a car catches fire after a collision, if you are conscious and still able to move, get out of the car as soon as possible, and the people next to you should also help the injured person get out of the vehicle as soon as possible. If the car door cannot be opened, quickly hit the side window glass with a sharp object. If there is a crack, you can use your foot to kick it open and escape.

It is necessary to prepare an escape hammer in the car. You can go to the mall to buy an emergency flashlight with a glass knocking function in case of emergency. When in use, aim the sharp steel tip at the glass and hit it hard to break the glass. Multifunctional emergency flashlights generally have functions such as cutting seat belts, lighting, and warning. If the car seat belt bayonet is stuck during a collision, you must use this emergency flashlight to cut it open to escape.

When the vehicle falls into the water, it is difficult to open the door due to the air pressure, and the electric windows will also fail. At this time, if the car has manual windows or sunroofs, escape from these places. If they all have electric windows, then you need to Life hammer helps.

If your clothes catch fire, take them off quickly or lie down on the ground and roll slowly to put out the flames. You can also put out the fire with water. Don't stand upright or run, as this will only make the fire burn brighter.

If injured, the wound needs to be treated immediately. For burns, it is very important to prevent contamination of the injured surface and protect the wound surface from further damage. You can first soak a cotton ball in light soapy water, gently wipe away the oil stains, foreign matter, and sludge on the skin, then rinse it with 0.9% salt water to remove the peeled epidermis, and gently remove it with gauze or clean clothes or handkerchiefs. bandage. Regardless, if you have a burn, prompt medical attention is the most important thing.

What do the various lantern languages mean? How to use car lights scientifically 1

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