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What do you think of the taillights on the front car? Bright red, hurry up and control the speed

Travel by car,

We cannot do without the help of various car lights in driving.

Low beam and high beam of vehicle front lights,

Fog lights, daytime running lights

Everyone is familiar with it,

What are the classifications and characteristics of car tail lights?

What do you think of the taillights on the front car? Bright red, hurry up and control the speed 1

Take the most common rear position lights and tail brake lights of family cars as an example:

  • The profile lights are red and are distributed on both sides of the rear of the vehicle. Currently, many new models have through-type LED tail lights. When driving at night, the rear profile lights of the vehicle should remain on to alert the vehicle behind that there is a vehicle driving ahead.
  • The brake lights are also red, but unlike the position lights, although the brake lights are also distributed on both sides of the rear of the vehicle, there is also a high-mounted brake light in the middle of the upper or lower part of the rear windshield of the vehicle, and The brightness of the brake lights is higher than that of the side lights. When we step on the brakes, all three brake lights will light up to remind the vehicles behind that the vehicle in front has slowed down by applying the brakes.

There is also a very important light, which is the vehicle turn signal. When our vehicle needs to turn or change lanes, we should use the turn signal to inform surrounding vehicles that we are about to turn left or right. The turn signal will flash yellow. Distributed on the left and right sides of the front and rear of the vehicle.

However, when the traffic police department was handling the accident, it was discovered that

Recently, some drivers while driving

Neglecting to observe the road conditions,

I also neglected to observe the changes in the tail lights of the car in front.

Failure to turn on the brake lights and turn signals of the vehicle in front in time

and take appropriate measures,

or failure to use lights as required to alert other vehicles,

This led to the accident.

Let’s take a look at these cases below

1. The vehicle in front changes lanes on a solid line, while the vehicle behind fails to observe

Recently, when Ding was driving near kilometer 28 of the G36 Ningluo Expressway, he encountered a silver SUV vehicle in the lane in front of him changing lanes to the right lane. Ding did not slow down and stop when he was in danger. When he passed directly between the two cars, he collided with the other two cars. Ding took full responsibility for the accident because he took improper measures in the emergency. At the same time, the silver SUV off-road vehicle was fined 100 yuan and 1 point for the illegal act of changing lanes on a solid line.

2. An unexpected accident ahead, change lanes to avoid without observing

Recently, a traffic accident occurred due to an avoidance accident in the Maqun section of the Nanjing Ring Road.

One of the vehicles involved in the accident provided a driving recorder video. The recorder video showed that a rear-end collision suddenly occurred in the first carriageway near the middle guardrail in front of the vehicle. One of the cars hit the right direction. At this time, the second A black car in the main lane suddenly changed lanes to the right to avoid the vehicle. It did not want to avoid the vehicle on the left, but collided with the video car in the right lane.

The driver of the black car said that he was chatting with the passengers in the car at the time and did not notice that the vehicles in front of the left lane were braking and causing an accident. It was not until an accident vehicle turned to the right and reached the front of his own lane that he discovered and evacuated. Shi also failed to observe the situation in the right lane, which eventually caused an accident. The driver of the black car took full responsibility for the accident.

3. "There is an accident-prone road ahead!" "Bang" there was an accident!

On March 12, 2023, a two-car rear-end accident occurred on the Qidi Street section of the Nanjing Ring Road. The vehicle was seriously damaged. Fortunately, there were no casualties. During the accident investigation, the recorder of the rear car recorded the thrilling moment.

From the video, we can see that the video car’s on-board navigation has just warned, “Please drive carefully on a road with high accident rates ahead.” The brake lights of a white car in front of it kept coming on, but the video car did not slow down, failed to avoid it, and crashed directly into it. Go up.

The driver of the video car said that he was watching the navigation at the time and heard the navigation prompts, but his attention was not fully focused on driving. He did not observe the brake lights of the vehicle in front coming on, which led to the fact that he only noticed that the vehicle in front had braked just moments before the accident. . The driver of the video truck bears full responsibility for the accident.

Traffic police reminder:

When driving on the highway, please be sure to concentrate on driving, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, and always observe the road conditions ahead. Whether the brake lights of the vehicle in front of the driving lane suddenly come on, or the brake lights of vehicles in multiple lanes ahead come on, this often indicates something abnormal. If a traffic jam or traffic jam occurs, you should immediately judge whether braking measures are needed based on the distance behind the vehicle; if you need to change lanes or turn, be sure to use your turn signal to alert surrounding vehicles. Observe the changes in the lights of the vehicle in front and standardize the use of your own vehicle lights to make traveling safer!

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