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What kind of car light upgrade is good? LED light bulb, xenon light bulb, bifocal lens, LED lens

Car light modification and upgrade not only cost money for car owners, but also require a minor surgery on their car, so there are many concerns and contradictions about changing the lights. So, why do cars need to change their lights? What are the benefits of changing the lights? Will changing the lights affect the original car? #

What kind of car light upgrade is good? LED light bulb, xenon light bulb, bifocal lens, LED lens 1

1. Why do cars need to change their lights?

Car lights are the eyes of the car, playing a decisive role in the appearance of the vehicle. They are also a guarantee of safety when driving at night and in bad weather conditions. According to incomplete statistics, 60% of traffic accidents occur at night, and 22% of traffic accidents are due to lighting, so it is very important for a car to have a good pair of headlights.

What kind of car light upgrade is good? LED light bulb, xenon light bulb, bifocal lens, LED lens 2

2. What are the benefits and advantages of changing the lights?

1. Improve the brightness of car lights

After the car lights are upgraded, the brightness of the lights is generally more than 3,000 lumens, which is three times that of halogen lamps. Now some high-quality xenon lamps can reach more than 3,500 lumens.

2. Excellent visual effects

The original car halogen lamp has a color temperature of 4300K ​​and the light is dark yellow. If you are exposed to the yellowish light of the halogen lamp for a long time, the human eye will be easily fatigued, and the human eye's response sensitivity to unexpected accidents will even decrease by 60%.

The vast majority of high-quality xenon headlight brands and mainstream products use a color temperature of around 5500K, which is equivalent to sunlight at noon, illuminates the road clearly, and is best for the human eye.

3. Extend the irradiation distance

Many nighttime traffic accidents are caused by insufficient reaction time. The main reason is that the original car's halogen lights or xenon lights do not illuminate the distance enough. The car owner cannot see the road ahead, and by the time he sees it, it is too late.

After changing the lights, the illumination distance will be greatly extended, allowing car owners to respond in time. Generally, good xenon headlights can illuminate 40-50 meters in low beam and more than 100 meters in high beam.

4. Long service life and lasting enjoyment

Good-quality xenon headlights generally have a lifespan of 2,500 hours. Calculated by turning on the lights for 2 hours a day, they can be used safely for more than 3 years and have low light attenuation, which is far more practical than halogen lamps.

5. The vehicle’s appearance is improved and becomes more personalized

In addition to adding lenses to make the headlights brighter, car light upgrades can also add light accessories such as angel eyes, devil eyes, and daytime running lights to make your car stand out in the sea of ​​cars.

What kind of car light upgrade is good? LED light bulb, xenon light bulb, bifocal lens, LED lens 3

3. Common misunderstandings about car light modifications

1. Can I just buy a xenon lamp to replace the halogen lamp?

If the original car has a halogen lamp, the xenon lamp can be installed, but it will not light up. Starting the xenon lamp requires an instantaneous high-voltage electric breakdown of the gas to emit light. The voltage on the car is only 12v, so it cannot light up and requires a ballast. Light up.

2. No need for lens, just xenon lamp and ballast?

The focal points of halogen lamps and xenon lamps are different. The lamp bowl of halogen lamps is not suitable for xenon lamps. Forced use will cause problems such as light divergence, non-concentration, and short illumination distance. Therefore, a lens must be added to modify a xenon lamp, but the lens must be installed. It is a technical job, and various problems will occur if it is not installed properly, so you must find a professional car light modification shop to carry out it.

3. Original car halogen lamp lens + xenon bulb?

It can be used, but the effect is not very good. The luminous point of xenon lamp bulbs is different from that of halogen lamp bulbs. The light emitted by xenon lamps using lenses designed for halogen lamps is divergent, not focused, and the road illumination effect is not good.

4. Why do xenon lamps need to be used with bifocals?

A bifocal lens is a lens that is compatible with both low beam and high beam. For example, a car is equipped with low beam xenon headlights with dual lenses. When the low beam is turned on, the low beam will light up, and when the high beam is turned on, the low beam lens will become the high beam light type, and the high and low beam lights will light up together. At this time, there are four car lights. These are the so-called two near and four far, and their road lighting effect is very good.

4. I want to change the lights, but I have some concerns. What should I do?

1. Can I pass the annual inspection after changing the lights?

During the annual inspection, the vehicle lights are mainly inspected for appearance, brightness, color temperature, and illumination angle. As long as qualified products are used and meet relevant requirements during the annual inspection, there will be no problem in passing the annual inspection, except for special circumstances at the vehicle inspection site.

2. If the circuit is changed when upgrading xenon headlights, will there be any natural hazards?

If you use regular products, the modification techniques are correct, and there is no problem with the car owner's own circuit. The probability of basically being natural is 8000000, which is not as good as the natural probability of Volkswagen in 2016 (the annual sales volume is 332w, which is probably more than 136 units), and there are so many people who modify lamps, how many of them have you seen that are natural?

3. Do I need to change the wiring of the original car to change the lights? Is there any damage to the original car line?

Nowadays, car light modification basically does not change the original car wiring, and does not damage the core structure of the original car light. All the circuits inside the headlights are welded and covered with heat shrink tubes. Every leaking circuit is wrapped with imported tape. All those that can use sockets use sockets. After the modification, the circuits will be sorted out and kept clean. ,tidy.

4. Will changing the lights cause the function of my original car lights to be lost?

Please rest assured that changing the lights will not change the original car's ESC, built-in sensor headlights, including the unlocking lights of some models, the delayed cornering assist of the lock lights, and the normal signals of the entire car's lights. It will not have any impact on other lines. interference.

5. If you need to disassemble the assembly to modify the headlights, will there be any sealing problems? Will water get in or fog up?

The modification shop will use double sealing technology to ensure sealing and ensure that the car lights will not fog up due to water ingress due to sealing reasons.

6. If the xenon lamp is modified, can it still support strobe during the day?

The principle of xenon lamp stroboscopic is to light up quickly. This can be solved by using a quick-start ballast, which can support stroboscopic.

7. My original car has adaptive steering, will it have any effect if I change the lights?

This has no impact. We all carry out modifications on the premise of retaining all functions, such as Magotan, Q7, BMW 7 Series, and Audi A6.

8. Why does the light in urban areas not feel bright after changing the lights?

Street lights, the current street lights in China are basically high-pressure sodium lamps, and their luminous efficiency can reach more than 80 lumens/watt. If the power of a street light is 200W (the actual situation will exceed 200W), its luminous flux can reach 16,000 lumens, and our xenon The light is 35W and 3200 lumens. It is indeed a bit difficult to PK street lights.

9. Is it okay to modify the xenon lamp battery?

What kind of car light upgrade is good? LED light bulb, xenon light bulb, bifocal lens, LED lens 4

Generally, the power of original car halogen lamps is about 55W. The standard xenon lamp power is 35W, so while the brightness is greatly increased, it also reduces the energy consumption of the car, saving more electricity and fuel.


Car lights are an important part of driving at night and are related to our driving safety. Reasonable modification and upgrade are very beneficial. They can greatly enhance driving safety and improve the appearance of your car.

Remember to use fake and shoddy products, use regular and qualified modification products, and find a professional lamp modification shop to ensure the quality.

What kind of car light upgrade is good? LED light bulb, xenon light bulb, bifocal lens, LED lens 5
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What kind of car light upgrade is good? LED light bulb, xenon light bulb, bifocal lens, LED lens 6

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