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What should I do if my car lights are foggy?

​Recently, some car owners reported in the background: The car was left outside for a night, and when I woke up the next morning, I found water droplets inside the headlights. I was worried that this situation was caused by water entering the headlights. I asked the editor for help on what to do.

What should I do if my car lights are foggy? 1

In this regard, the editor believes that many car enthusiasts have encountered similar problems. There is fog in the headlights. Many people subconsciously think that the headlights have water in them, but in fact, the problem may not be that serious.

Let’s first understand why fog occurs.

There are two reasons for fogging. One is the large temperature difference in winter, which causes condensation inside the headlights. There is a ventilation pipe inside the car headlight that connects to the outside world. Its function is that after the headlight is lit, the temperature rises, and the gas inside the headlight expands and is discharged. After the headlights are turned off, the temperature drops, the internal pressure difference increases, and outside air is sucked in.

What should I do if my car lights are foggy? 2

During this "breathing and breathing" period, moist air is inhaled and condenses in the headlights to form fog. Of course, the engineers who made the lamps knew about this loophole, so they also thought of ways to plug this bug. So they set up "drying filters" in the ventilation ducts to filter moisture and dust. But after all, it can only be reduced, not suppressed. If it is operated for a long time in a humid environment with large temperature differences, the effect of drying the filter element will be greatly reduced. Humid air will still enter the headlights, making headlight fog unavoidable.

Secondly, after heavy rain or driving, it is easy to cause fog inside the headlights. For some models that are over 7-8 years old, the headlight sealing strips may lose their activity and there may be problems with the sealing. The possibility of moist air entering is relatively high. After heavy rain or car washing, fog may appear inside the headlights, which is also very dangerous. normal phenomenon.

What should I do if my car lights are foggy? 3

In addition, the plastic shell of the car lights will act like a sponge after being heated, absorbing moisture in the air. Of course, the effect is not obvious and intuitive, but it cannot be ignored.

Once you understand the cause of headlight fogging, it will be much easier to talk about solutions. Generally speaking, as long as the headlights are used normally, the temperature generated by the headlights is used to vaporize the water, and then the water vapor inside the headlights can be dried by the circulation of the vents.

What should I do if my car lights are foggy? 4

In addition, very few models may have lax headlight seals. If this is the case, car owners should contact the 4S store to apply for replacement parts or timely repairs. Otherwise, they can only replace the headlights, which is obviously not cost-effective.

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