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What should I do if the car lights don’t come on as before?

What should I do if the car lights don’t come on as before? 1

Dear friends, Happy New Year. I wish you all a safe and successful trip in the new year.

I dont know if you friends have realized that our car was driving. Suddenly one day, my headlight seemed not to be on as before, and it was as dark as a kerosene lamp. What is going on and what should I do? manage? Today I would like to share with you my little experience.

Just change a light bulb

It doesnt cost much

What should I do if the car lights don’t come on as before? 2

First of all, lets talk about a little fuss. Many times, the light becomes darker and darker, which means that the life of the bulb has expired. Then we go to a 4S shop or a repair shop with the same specifications and models. Just go and change a light bulb.

For a car that costs about 100,000 yuan, you can get a light bulb for 20 or 30 yuan, which doesnt cost much. If its a slightly more expensive car, for example, if you have high-end xenon headlights or LED headlights, then replace this one. For light bulbs, they are relatively more expensive, a few hundred yuan.

The steps are similar to changing a light bulb at home.

Anyway, it's not like removing the entire headlight lampshade and replacing it entirely.

In fact, when you open the hood, the headlight has a back door. After you remove the sealing valve, it is the same as changing a light bulb in our home. You take out the old one and put the new one in. Just put it in and you're done.

You can replace the bulb with a more powerful one, but pay attention to the specifications.

Some friends think that my original lamp is already a kerosene lamp or a candle lamp. If I want to replace this lamp with an identical one, I feel bad. It is broken anyway, so I dont want to change this lamp. , you can choose a more powerful bulb to solve our brightness requirements.

But you must pay attention to this. What is the limit of volts and amps of our car? You must check it clearly. It will usually be written on the battery.

Well, I am lazy, so I just ask the car repairman or the salesperson at the 4S store, which is more reliable.

You can also replace the light bulb with a more advanced one.

Replacing a light bulb costs about the same and can increase the brightness by 10% to 20%, which is basically enough for most friends.

But there are still an additional group of friends who feel that halogen lamps are not enough and they want to change to something more advanced and powerful. Then there is still an additional option. We can replace the entire headlight assembly with xenon lamps. .

Replace with xenon lamps

The modification method is to replace the headlight assembly

If you change to xenon lamps, there are basically several ways: one is to take off the entire headlight assembly and throw it away, or sell it to someone else and then buy a new headlight assembly with the xenon lamp installed inside. Yes, put it on with a "click".

Generally speaking, either the price is relatively expensive, or the quality is relatively poor. To put it more crudely, it means taking out all my original headlight assemblies.

You can also change the lamp to a xenon lamp

Then cut off the back area, change the lamp tube into a xenon lamp, install the xenon lamp bulb, install all the ballasts, set all the system settings for you, and then restart Sealed and sealed. This is a more cost-effective option.

What is more troublesome is that if it is not installed well, there are some dust inside the lamp that cannot be removed; a fly flew in and could not see clearly; the seal is not good, and after washing the car and flushing it with a water gun, it is filled with water. The light bulb is broken, this is something we need to pay extra attention to.

When changing to xenon lamps, you must add a lens

In addition to this, I still want to tell you something. When changing a xenon lamp, you must add a lens.

You don't need to change a light bulb. This light is like a shotgun. If the other person's eyes are blinded by you, and then they open blindly, they will bump into you. This is really not good for you at all. , dont use high beams casually. Dear friends, the quality of your car comes first, and the quality of your car comes first.

Change to LED lights

Well recently, there is an additional new option, which is to change to LED lights. LED lights are basically low energy consumption, long life, cheap, and high brightness. Nowadays, more and more people choose LED lights.

Ask clearly about chip matching and lens installation.

LED involves a chip matching issue. Before installation, everyone must ask clearly. Then, you still need to install a lens. For particularly bright lights, it is beneficial for everyone to install a lens.

The advantage of LED is low cost

As for LED, it has so many advantages, but one of them cannot be reflected in our cars, which is low cost.

In fact, LEDs are not expensive at all, but why do LED headlights now cost only RMB 10,000 to RMB 20,000? Maybe they are installed in good cars. If we modify them ourselves, the relative cost will be lower.

Pay attention to heat dissipation

But you must pay attention to heat dissipation and choose some relatively reliable brands, such as auto parts supplier Bosch, or Osram in Germany, which is making lamps every day. Then I think using these brands will Maybe you'll feel more at ease.

Go to a factory that specializes in lighting modifications

Finally, lets talk about where we can replace it. I think its pointless to go to a 4S store for this kind of thing. If you go to a 4S store, they will call someone outside to change it for you.

However, when we refit, dont say, this is a beauty shop, this is a refitting shop, just run in, because lights are a very professional and complicated thing, including when our own repair shop installs lights for customers. Find a professional lamp modification factory to change it.

Remember, if the lamp modification is done well, it is a small stall or a professional factory. It only changes lamps and does nothing else. When we choose this store, relatively speaking, our quality and after-sales service are more guaranteed.


Usually just change the light bulb

So today, thats almost it. Ill give you a summary. If we only have such a small change in light caused by the aging of the bulb, we can fix it by changing the bulb.

If we want to save money and be more convenient, then we can just change to a brighter light bulb.

If you have to replace LED or xenon lamps, you should go to a professional lamp modification factory.

If we have to go through the trouble of replacing LED or xenon headlights, then we'd better choose to go to a professional lamp modification factory to solve such a problem, and we should pay special attention to its sealing and construction. Is the environment better? It's best if there is no dust. room, that way, I would feel more at ease.

How to use car lights also determines the quality of your car?

Today we are talking about the issue of the brightness of our headlights, but in fact the headlights only refer to a hardware configuration that is bright or not. In fact, when we drive on the road, how to use the headlights can very well reflect our role as a driver. The quality of the employee's car.

I have specially prepared such an article for you today. By looking at the use of car lights, we can understand the quality of our own or the other party's vehicles.

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