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What should I do if there is fog in the car headlights?

Car owners may often find that their car headlights sometimes fog up to varying degrees when driving. At this time, do not doubt the quality of the lights or whether water has entered the lights. The editor came to the conclusion that fog in the car lights is a normal phenomenon.

1. Causes of fog in headlights

The reason why there is water mist in the headlights is because the car lights are not airtight. The moisture in the air will enter the headlights through the breather tube and adhere to the lampshade. As the water vapor gathers, the water droplets will follow the lampshade. flowed down. This situation is mostly caused by large temperature differences, and is most likely to occur in winter and rainy seasons.

In addition, in addition to weather changes, human factors can also cause water to enter the car lights, such as vehicle wading, car washing, etc. When the vehicle is wading in water, since the engine and exhaust system themselves are relatively large heat sources, rainwater will form a large amount of water vapor on them. Along the breather pipe, part of the water vapor will enter the headlights; after the vehicle is washed, for The water vapor in the engine compartment is not dealt with in time. After the engine compartment cover is closed, the water vapor cannot be quickly dispersed outside the car. The moisture trapped in the engine compartment may also enter the headlights.

What should I do if there is fog in the car headlights? 1

2. How to avoid the generation of fog

In order to reduce the formation of fog in the car lights, the shape design of the car lights is very important, and it is necessary to ensure that relatively complete air convection can be formed within the lamp body. At the same time, the bonding between the lampshade (optical mirror) and the lamp housing should ensure tightness to prevent air from entering here. On the inner wall of the lampshade, you can also go to a professional institution to apply special masking paint to prevent fog from adhering to it; at the same time, the distribution of the positions of the ventilation holes on the lampshade should also be conducive to the rapid flow of air; choose micron pores with extremely small diameters A high-grade breathable membrane filter that blocks moisture in the air as much as possible.

What should I do if there is fog in the car headlights? 2

3. Solutions to fogging

When fog appears in the headlights, the best way is to turn on the headlights. After the headlights are turned on for a period of time, the fog will be discharged out of the lights through the ventilation tube along with the hot air. Pay special attention not to directly use a dryer to bake the headlight mask. Currently, most car lampshades on the market are made of plastic. If the baking temperature is too high, it can easily cause the headlight to age and turn yellow, or even crack when exposed to cold.

What should I do if there is fog in the car headlights? 3

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