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Where Are the Main Applications of LED Beads and LED Chip Beads?

1. General lighting1) Outdoor lighting: such as outdoor landscape lighting, outdoor LED street lamp, tunnel lamp, etc. the lamps used include LED lamp strip, LED projection lamp, etc.2) Indoor lighting: indoor lighting mainly includes LED ceiling lamp, LED panel lamp, LED bulb lamp, LED spotlight, table lamp, etc.

Where Are the Main Applications of LED Beads and LED Chip Beads? 1

2. Special lighting1) . anti riot alarm lamp2) Miner's lamp

3) Aerospace4) Military5) Emergency lighting

3. Other applicationsSuch as flashlight, tool lamp, Christmas lamp, toy, clothing, shoe decoration, etc4. Indicator light, signal light, LED display:

1) LED lamps for indication on various equipment, instruments and meters;2) Used for traffic lights, ship lights, beacon lights, etc;3) It is used for indoor and outdoor LED display screen, advertising signboard, chest board, etc.

Where Are the Main Applications of LED Beads and LED Chip Beads? 2

5. Special lighting1) Used for fishing lamp, insecticidal lamp and plant growth regulating lamp;2) Medical LED lamp;

3) LED lamps for projection and photography;6. Backlight1) Small size backlight, mainly RGB for color backlight, including mobile phones, meters, etc;

2) Large size backlight, including laptop, monitor, LCD TV, etc., with RGB and white LED.7. Vehicle lighting1) Interior main and auxiliary lighting

2) Driving lights, brake lights, reversing lights, etc3) Automobile instrument4) Automobile headlamp

At present, it is mainly used in the following aspects:

(1) Application of display screen and traffic signal display light source LED lamp has the characteristics of earthquake resistance and impact resistance, fast light response, power saving and long service life. It is widely used in various indoor and outdoor display screens, which are divided into full-color, two-color and monochrome display screens. More than 100 units are in production in China. Traffic lights mainly use ultra-high brightness red, green and yellow LEDs. Because the use of LED lights is energy-saving and reliable, traffic lights are gradually updated throughout the country, with fast promotion speed and large market demand, which is a good market opportunity.

(2) Applications in the automotive industry automotive lamps include the internal instrument panel, audio indicator, switch backlight, reading lamp and external brake lamp, tail lamp, side lamp and headlamp. Automotive incandescent lamps are not resistant to vibration and impact, easy to damage and short service life, and need to be replaced frequently. In 1987, China began to install high-level brake lights on cars. Due to the fast response speed of LED, it can remind drivers to brake as soon as possible and reduce automobile rear end collision accidents. In developed countries, the central rear mounted high-level brake lamp made of LED has become a standard part of automobile. The LED automobile tail lamp module launched by HP company in 1996 can be combined into various automobile tail lamps at will. In addition, the light sources of automobile instrument panel and other lighting parts can be used as ultra-high brightness light-emitting lamps, so they are gradually using LED display. China's automobile industry is in a period of great development, which is an excellent opportunity to promote ultra-high brightness LED. In recent years, an annual output value of 1 billion yuan will be formed, and an annual output value of 3 billion yuan will be formed within five years.

(3) LED backlight is the most eye-catching backlight with high-efficiency side light emission. As an LCD backlight, LED has the characteristics of long service life, high luminous efficiency, no interference and high cost performance. It has been widely used in electronic watches, mobile phones, BP machines, electronic calculators and card swiping machines. With the increasing miniaturization of portable electronic products, LED backlight has more advantages, Therefore, the manufacturing technology of backlight will develop towards thinner, low power consumption and uniformity. LED is the key device of mobile phone. An ordinary mobile phone or PHS needs about 10 LED devices, while a color screen and mobile phone with camera function need about 20 LED devices. At present, the amount of mobile phone backlight is very large, with 3.5 billion LED chips a year. At present, China's mobile phone production is large, and most led backlights are imported. This is an excellent market opportunity for domestic LED products.

(4) The early products of LED lighting source have low luminous efficiency, and the light intensity can only reach a few to dozens of MCDS. It is suitable for indoor occasions, home appliances, instruments, communication equipment, computers and toys. At present, the direct goal is to replace incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps with LED light sources. This substitution trend has developed from the field of local applications. China also invested 5 billion in 2004 to vigorously develop energy-saving and environment-friendly semiconductor lighting plan.(5) Other applications, such as a kind of flash shoes popular with children, the built-in LED will flash when walking. Only in Wenzhou, 500 million light-emitting diodes are used a year; The LED is used as the power indicator of the electric toothbrushDongguan Ford Electronics Co., Ltd. mainly produces LED patches, LED lamp beads, LED patch lamp beads, patch LED lamp beads, direct plug LED lamp beads, and supports customized special LED lamp beads such as special shape and highlight. The application scope includes fixed line, nail salon, general lighting, backlight, automobile signal / lighting, special lighting, display screen and other fields.

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