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Which fog light is it? How to turn on fog lights

Which fog light is it? How to turn on fog lights 1

Fog lights generally refer to car fog lights. Car fog lights are installed on the front and rear of the car. The front fog lights are generally bright yellow, and the rear fog lights are red. The logo of the rear fog lights is a little different from the front fog lights. The light lines of the front fog lights logo are Downward, the rear fog lights are parallel and are generally located on the instrument console in the car. In foggy weather, the front and rear fog lights are usually used together.

Fog lights are used to illuminate roads and provide safety warnings when driving in rainy and foggy weather. Because visibility in foggy days is low and the driver's line of sight is limited, lights can increase the running distance. In particular, yellow anti-fog lights have strong light penetration, which can improve The visibility of the driver and surrounding traffic participants enables oncoming vehicles and pedestrians to detect each other from a distance. Because anti-fog lights have high brightness and strong penetration, they will not cause diffuse reflection due to fog, so correct use can effectively prevent accidents.

How to turn on fog lights

1. Button to turn on the fog lights. Some vehicles turn on the front and rear fog lights through buttons, that is, there are buttons marked with fog lights near the dashboard. After turning on the lights, press the front fog lights to light up the front fog lights; press the rear fog lights. , to light up the fog lights at the rear of the car.

Which fog light is it? How to turn on fog lights 2

2. Rotate to turn on the fog lights. Some vehicles have fog lights installed under the steering wheel or under the air conditioner on the left hand side, and the light lever is turned on by rotating it. When the button with the fog light signal in the middle is turned to the ON position, the front fog lights are turned on, and then the button is turned down to the position of the rear fog lights, which turns on the front and rear fog lights at the same time. Rotate the fog lights under the steering wheel.

3. Rotate the fog lamp under the air conditioner on the left hand side.

Whether it is a front fog light or a rear fog light, if it does not light up, it means that the bulb has burned out and must be replaced. If the brightness is only reduced and the lights are red and dim, this may be a precursor to a malfunction and a major hidden danger for safe driving.

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