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Whose fault is it for car lights to fog up in spring?1

Continuous rainy weather in spring

Not only will it trouble the car owners’ itinerary,

Even the car lights can't resist it

I believe many car owners have encountered this situation.

After rainy days, the headlights will appear to "fog"

Some car owners reported that the headlights were filled with water.

Is the truth really like this?

Car lights fog up

The structure of the headlight is not completely sealed.

There is a tiny exhaust hole on the back cover of the car light.

Exhaust vents remove heat generated during lighting

The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the lamp

This causes a large amount of water vapor to enter through the vents.

causing fog

Whose fault is it for car lights to fog up in spring?1 1

Water in the headlights

Some car lights are not closed well

Encountering rainy days or improper car washing operations

This may cause water to enter the car lights.

The bonding point between the headlight shade and the lamp holder

and waterproof cover or cap

It is easier for water to enter

Car owners must pay attention!

Whose fault is it for car lights to fog up in spring?1 2

Car lights fogging and car lights getting water are two different concepts.

Generally speaking, it is normal for car lights to fog up.

If water enters the headlight, it needs to be replaced or repaired in time.

How to distinguish between fogging and water intrusion?

Understand the causes and consequences of "fogging" in car lights

Car owners don’t have to worry about getting angry if they encounter this situation again.

Just need to find the source of "fogging"

Just prescribe the right medicine.

It’s easy to tell the difference between foggy headlights and water damage!

Just observe with your eyes

The white fog can be seen from the appearance of the car lights

That means it's foggy

If you can see standing water

That means water has entered

What should I do if there is fog or water?


Fogging of car lights will have a certain impact on the penetrating power of the car lights.

For driving safety

It is recommended that car owners develop the habit of checking their car lights before driving.

Turn on the car lights after discovering they are foggy

Generally, when there is not much water mist,

Turn on the headlights for a while

The mist will disappear when the lampshade heats up.

water ingress

The accumulation of water in the car lights will not only affect the lighting

It may also damage the lights

In case of water intrusion, vehicle lights should be inspected promptly.

Car lights are equivalent to the eyes of the car

Plays an important role in daily car use

Car owners must check the use of car lights regularly.

Whose fault is it for car lights to fog up in spring?1 3

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Whose fault is it for car lights to fog up in spring?1 4

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