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Why are the front fog lights yellow and the rear fog lights red? do you know?

Why are the front fog lights yellow and the rear fog lights red? do you know? 1

My biggest original intention of doing this program was to ask questions that seemed silly and simple. Things that people are embarrassed to ask but really want to know. I searched out the information and talked about it with you.

Dear friends, have you noticed that this car actually has fog lights at the front and rear, and it is now equipped with a higher level of configuration. But the front fog lights are yellow, and the rear fog lights are red.

Why is the color different? Can it be changed? The front is red and the back is yellow. The answer is no.

What is the function of fog lights?

Why are the front fog lights yellow and the rear fog lights red? do you know? 2

Fog lights can ensure driving safety in rainy and foggy weather

First of all, what do fog lights do? The biggest difference between fog lights and our headlights is that in rainy and foggy weather.

This light requires additional penetration, allowing you to see further and more clearly, ensuring your driving safety.

What does the color of fog lights matter?

Red fog lights have strong penetrating power and poor reflection effect

This is related to the color temperature or the wavelength of the light. The color with the strongest penetration is red, so the most important signal of our traffic light "stop" is expressed in red.

But if we also use the front fog light as red color, there will be a problem. The penetrating power is very strong, but we cannot see clearly the objects it reflects back.

Difficulty identifying the road conditions ahead

To put it crudely, in the American blockbusters where the infrared rays are shining, a person is walking behind a wall. Although the principles are different, the red fog lights that you see back are even worse than this.

Although you can see that things are bright and light can pass through, it is very difficult for your eyes to recognize road signs, road conditions and even pedestrians in front of you, so it will not be safe.

Choose yellow light to ensure good vision

Then the next best thing is to choose a warm yellow light with a relatively low color temperature as a front fog light.

It can ensure better penetration and ensure the visual imaging of your eyes, allowing you to have a clear field of vision when driving.

The red color on the rear of the car can better identify the location of the vehicle.

So why is the rear of the car in red? In fact, it's similar to what I said before. You don't need to see clearly what's behind the car.

The fog light at the rear of your car is to let the car behind you know that there is a car in front of you.

And generally there is only one fog light at the back, so that it will not be confused with your brake lights and width lights. There is only one of them, this is not the manufacturer cutting corners.

How to use fog lights correctly?

You can use it when it rains and you cant see clearly.

In fact, when I was driving on the road, I found that there are still many friends who are not very good at using fog lights. I would like to give you some tips.

First of all, fog lights can not only be used in foggy days, but also in rainy days when the diffuse reflection is very strong, or when there is a lot of water on the ground, which affects the vision.

Avoid using forward crossing fog lights

But sometimes fog lights cannot be used. Two cars are meeting each other and your fog lights are on over there. Sometimes they are more dazzling than high beams.

Because it has no direction and spreads out, if you blind the other person, your own car will be at greater risk of collision.

Rear fog lights affect visibility of cars behind you

As for the rear fog lights, in fact, on a relatively dark night like this, if you think about it, be kind and remind the cars behind you that if I turn on a fog light, it will be really bright.

I dont know if you have ever been behind a car with its rear fog lights on. In weather like this when there is no fog or rain, its so scary that I cant open my eyes at all.

Some of our friends will say that this is a response to the high beam of the car behind, so I guess when will the enemy be repaid.

Indiscriminate use of fog lights will increase safety risks

Dont turn on your high beams for the car behind you, and dont turn on your rear fog lights for the car in front of you. As long as everyone is in peace, everything will be fine.

Fog lights can be turned on in rainy, snowy, foggy days, as well as in poor visibility caused by various moisture and diffuse reflection and refraction.

In addition, you should not use it casually because it is bright. Once you use it, it will increase the safety risks for you and the surrounding vehicles.

I dont dare try it on my own car. What will happen if I press these buttons while driving?

But some friends will feel that they are wronged. I really didnt mean it. I turned my head when I turned on the headlights and accidentally turned on the fog lights over there. I didnt have this awareness at all.

I think many friends are in this situation, so I specially prepared an article.

There are various functions and buttons commonly found in vehicles. How to use them? What effect is achieved?

For example, turn one square or two squares? Some have to pull it out after turning a bar, etc. I have prepared this comprehensive article for everyone.

Keywords: function

Today you just need to reply directly to the keyword "function" in our "Spare Tire Talking Car".

This long introduction is ready for everyone. After reading it, you will be able to use the functions in the car.

"Spare Tires Talking About Cars" will give you a section of practical car information of more than 60 seconds every day. Come to a section every day to understand cars easily.

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