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Xinpa headlight video live broadcast, explaining the car headlight modification and upgrading proces

Car lights are not only necessary for driving at night, but also play a very important role in daily driving, so upgrading and modifying car lights is particularly important. Just like our lives, we are all healthy when we are born, but we can still get sick. When car lights are exposed to high temperatures and are oxidized, they will also suffer from problems such as brightness fading and light fading.

First of all, does it cost a lot to modify car lights?

Xinpa headlight video live broadcast, explaining the car headlight modification and upgrading proces 1

In this live broadcast, we upgraded the lights of an A6. The owner originally planned to install "Leiting PRO". After communicating with our staff, he chose the more affordable APA 5plus package (unit price 2980) It can be more perfectly integrated into the car itself, and will not change other equipment of the car in a large arc, nor will it affect its original car lines. Car light modification does not mean that the higher the price, the better. It is the wisest choice to suit the car itself. This is also the rationalization of modification that Xinpa Car Lights wants to bring you. Modification is a step-by-step process with a high degree of integration. Perfect effect without excessive investment.

A related customer asked why the upgrade of car lights requires not just changing the bulbs, but also the entire system.

We at Xinpa need to tell our customers that this is a big misunderstanding in the modification process. Car modification can only modify the light bulbs, but most of the time merchants will recommend customers to modify the entire set, because during the use of the car, the lens will also They decay like light bulbs, but at a slower rate than car lights to a certain extent. If they want to achieve better modification effects, most customers will eventually prefer the overall package. Of course, there are also a few customers who insist on modifying their car lights. We at Xinpa will also cater to customers' needs based on the purpose of "customers always come first".

Xinpa headlight video live broadcast, explaining the car headlight modification and upgrading proces 2

Ballast, light bulb, car light lens, Xinpa modification kit, are the effects really good at night?

Xinpa employees accompanied the live broadcast staff to drive the modified car to the test site for testing. The problem of high and low beams, high speed or rainy and foggy weather is often a worry for some car owners. Facts have proved that after installing our Xinpa Apa Behind the headlights, the blue light appears more obvious from a distance, and the cutting effect is also very good. It will not directly pierce the eyes of oncoming drivers. In rainy and foggy weather, with lens assistance, the penetrating power of APA headlights is also second to none in the industry. It can flexibly adapt to the needs of car owners to achieve better car use comfort.

If you are an old user of our Xinpa car lights, you can know that our Xinpa modification process is transparent and reasonable. After receiving the car from the business, our first step will be to conduct a customized inspection of the vehicle and make correct lighting adjustments. After positioning, understanding customer needs, and considering the customer's consumption goals, Xinpa Car Lights will combine the integration of the car's original equipment and car lights to make a correct car light modification plan. This allows customers to have a comfortable car experience while never having to worry about lighting and annual inspection issues. If you have the need to upgrade your car lights, I believe Xinpa will be your best choice. We also look forward to bringing you better services.

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