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Xuying modified lens headlight process

It has been more than three months since I bought Xuying and it has traveled more than 3,000 kilometers. All aspects are good (except the handlebar is too low). Although it is only used for commuting to work during the day (I basically don’t ride it at night), I really can’t stand the original candle yellow color! So the idea of ​​changing to a bifocal lens came up!

Just do it! Start searching for a suitable lens on certain fish and certain Duoduo. In the end, I spent 44 yuan to buy a Volkswagen car lens. I really like the one with daytime running lights, but I don’t want to spend money, mainly because I am poor.

The lens hasn't arrived yet, so I started to dismantle the car. I searched for tutorials on a certain music channel and took it apart while watching it. It was quite easy to take apart.

Xuying modified lens headlight process 1

Remove the buckles and screws and remove the front cover

The headlight is inside the front cover and is not easy to remove due to space constraints.

Xuying modified lens headlight process 2

It took more than ten minutes and I finally took it off.

Xuying modified lens headlight process 3

Next, prepare to remove the lampshade, you need to use a heat gun. I don't have a heat gun, so I found a thick cardboard box, put the headlight inside, and padded it up so that the entire headlight could be heated evenly. Apply some tape, make a hole, and heat it with a hair dryer. I used two hair dryers and it took about 8 minutes to easily remove the lampshade. Be careful when prying the lampshade, don't break the buckle on the lampshade. I broke one.

Xuying modified lens headlight process 4

The lampshade was pried off and the lamp bowl started to be cut. First consult the seller about the length, width and height dimensions of the lens. The seller recommends waiting until the lens arrives before cutting. Unfortunately, my hands are itchy and I can't sit still. Let's make a small cut to practice with them.

Xuying modified lens headlight process 5

After waiting for two days, the express delivery finally arrived. The lens is quite new. The seller also thoughtfully provided a diode, which is a necessity, otherwise the high beam will not light up after power is turned on. The power-on test is normal.

Xuying modified lens headlight process 6

The seller also thoughtfully gave me a diode

By comparison, it turns out that it has been cut into smaller pieces, so let’s continue cutting. I used a soldering iron to cut it. When I was halfway through the cut, the soldering iron emitted a cloud of smoke and stopped working. I had no choice but to find a saw blade and cut slowly.

Xuying modified lens headlight process 7

The lamp bowl was painted black with self-spray paint, which worked well.

It finally took shape, although the cuts were not very neat, so it was okay. I found 4 screws to fix the lens. It took a lot of effort to find these four suitable screws.

Start fixing the lens.

Xuying modified lens headlight process 8

The effect before putting the lampshade back on is a bit interesting.

The lampshade will be reinstalled soon. The original sealant has high viscosity and is not easy to clean. After cleaning part of it, I really don’t have the patience, so I will use half a stick of Kraft K5911 sealant, heat it and reinstall the lampshade. The glue is really not that good.

Xuying modified lens headlight process 9

It’s a bit interesting

Next, let’s start dustproofing and waterproofing the lamp tail! The Kraft 704NB sealant purchased online did not arrive, so I used black structural adhesive. A tube costs 10 yuan, so less than a third of it is used. I found a large syringe, squeezed the glue into the syringe, and injected it with the syringe, so that I could get into the small gaps without leaking glue.

Xuying modified lens headlight process 10

Overall, it's not bad. As an amateur player, it's pretty good to fight like this.

Start loading the car, which is another big "project"! Since the internal space of Xuying is limited and the tail of the lens is very long, we must first test whether it can be installed. If it cannot be installed, the heat sink will need to be cut.

After a comparison, you only need to lift the speaker up a little, no need to cut the heat sink. Originally, I wanted to drill holes in the heat sink, but my friend who repairs electrical appliances said that there is no need to drill holes. The more holes there are, the worse the heat dissipation effect will be. Then don’t fight.

Xuying modified lens headlight process 11

This kind of plug was cut from an old motorcycle to make a connecting buckle.

There is a wire left on both the high beam and the low beam to connect the diode as a backup.

Xuying modified lens headlight process 12

Cut off the triangular female connector on the car and continue wiring. Remember to connect the diode. Since diodes are prone to heat, I did not use diodes and bought a 12V four-corner relay to connect them. After the test, the high and low beams are on normally. It's just that the light is a little higher and can't be adjusted high or low because the structural glue is sealed. By the way, take a wire out of the reserved wire and connect it to a small light to use as a daytime running light.

The driver was glued to the right side with strong double-sided tape and fixed with hot melt glue to prevent it from falling off.

Xuying modified lens headlight process 13

Loading the car. . . Test effect

Xuying modified lens headlight process 14

low beam

Xuying modified lens headlight process 15

high beam

Finished, the only drawback is that the lights are indeed too high.

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