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Carcuu OEM Daytime Running Lights

Carcuu is one of the leading Daytime Running Lights (LED DRL) Manufacturers and the best OEM Daytime Running Lights Manufacturers in China.

Positions:Left, Front Left

Other Names:Daytime Run Lamp, Lamp Assembly Day Running Light Left-hand


· Up to 200% more light1

· Up to 200 m long light cone

· Up to 100% whiter light2

· Premium OSRAM quality available as GTI, BLACK and CHROME edition

· Full LED, ECE certified with long lifetime


· More light allows to see farther and therefore react faster thanks to pixel-free optic and state-of-the-art lightguide technology

· Better visibility due to daylight effect with easy plug & play installation without modifying or damaging existing cables

· High contrast and brilliantly cool white LED light for most stylish look on the road

· 2-year guarantee3

· No additional beam level adjustment and headlight cleaning system required, as well as no additional parts and no registration needed for installation

This is a Daytime Running Light Kit. This kit allows you to add DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) to your ChineseRHD vehicle by utilizing the existing lighting system. This kit can be wired to allow different lights to be used as the running lights, such as headlights, corner lights or fog lights.

· Universal Fitment

· Allows your vehicle to comply with DRL regulations

· Automatic daylight lights on and off, once installed you don't have to worry about them

"CarCuu Daytime Running Lights (DRL) Product Quality

CarCuu's automotive Daytime Running Lights (DRL) are an essential safety feature that enhances a vehicle's visibility during daytime driving, reducing the likelihood of traffic accidents. CarCuu DRL products are characterized by their excellent quality:

1. Brightness and Visibility: CarCuu DRLs are designed to provide sufficient brightness, ensuring the vehicle is easily visible to other drivers during daytime conditions, whether it's clear, overcast, or in adverse weather.

2. Energy Efficiency and Durability: CarCuu's DRLs typically use energy-efficient LED light sources known for their long lifespan and low power consumption. This helps extend the life of DRLs and reduces battery drain.

3. Waterproof and Dustproof Performance: CarCuu's DRLs need to possess good waterproof and dustproof capabilities to withstand various weather conditions and road environments. Well-sealed designs and materials help maintain their functionality.

4. Temperature Adaptability: CarCuu's DRLs should operate reliably in different temperature conditions, including extreme cold or hot environments. Temperature adaptability ensures they remain unaffected by temperature fluctuations.

5. Beam Control: CarCuu's DRLs have carefully designed light beams to prevent glare or visual disturbances to other drivers. They provide even illumination without causing blind spots.

6. Compliance and Certification: CarCuu's DRL products should comply with international and regional regulations and certification requirements to ensure safety and compliance.

7. Installation and Integration: CarCuu's DRLs should be easy to install and seamlessly integrate with the vehicle's electrical system. Some DRLs also feature automatic on/off functions based on the vehicle's ignition status.

8. Durability and Reliability: Durability and reliability are paramount for CarCuu's DRLs, as they must withstand extended use and road vibrations without experiencing malfunctions or damage."

"CarCuu Automotive Daytime Running Lights Features

CarCuu's automotive Daytime Running Lights (DRL) are a safety illumination device typically located at the front of a vehicle, designed to enhance visibility during daytime driving and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. Here are the features of automotive Daytime Running Lights:

1. Daytime Use: CarCuu's automotive DRLs are primarily designed for daytime driving, aiming to make the vehicle more noticeable to other drivers.

2. Low Power Consumption: CarCuu's DRLs typically utilize energy-efficient LED light sources, which consume less power, contributing to fuel savings and extended battery life.

3. Automatic On/Off: Many vehicles are equipped with automatic on/off functionality that can activate or deactivate DRLs based on the vehicle's ignition status and external lighting conditions.

4. Increased Visibility: The primary purpose of CarCuu's DRLs is to enhance the vehicle's visibility, making it easier for other drivers to notice, thus reducing the risk of front and rear-end collisions.

5. Accident Reduction during the Day: CarCuu's DRLs help reduce daytime traffic accidents, especially in complex traffic environments such as city congestion or on highways.

6. Regulatory Compliance: CarCuu's DRLs are designed to comply with regulations set by many countries and regions to enhance road traffic safety. These regulations often require new vehicles to have DRLs installed, and CarCuu also offers upgrades for older vehicle models.

7. Variety of Designs and Colors: CarCuu's DRLs come in various designs and colors, allowing for personalized choices based on different vehicle models and brands. Some DRLs feature special lighting effects like light strips or gradual brightness adjustments.

8. Visual Aesthetics: CarCuu's DRLs can also enhance a vehicle's appearance, improving its visual appeal. Some vehicle models integrate DRLs into the headlamp assembly or the vehicle's front fascia design, making them a distinctive feature of the vehicle.

In summary, the primary features of CarCuu's automotive Daytime Running Lights are to enhance visibility during daytime driving, reduce accident risks, and comply with regulatory requirements. They also contribute to the vehicle's visual aesthetics through attractive designs."

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